5 Favorite Feminine Fonts I’m Currently Crushing On

When I first started to blog, the only fonts I knew about were those that came installed onto my computer and those from Times have definitely changed thanks to Pinterest and sites like Creative Market.

When I need fonts for my graphics on this blog or social media graphics, I utilize Creative Market fonts. In addition, after I have my fonts, I either use Photoshop on my computer or my Over app to actually create and use the fonts I just purchased.

Sorry fans, I’m not a lover of Canva!

TIP: Most fonts you purchase on Creative Market you can install on your Over app on your iPhone which makes creating your graphics on the fly super fast and supa fancy. #winning

So I thought today, I’d go over a couple hand-lettered beautiful fonts that I am currently crushing on and I think you should too.

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Here’s my take on the #HobbyLobbyChallenge

So I recently stumbled across this article: The ‘Hobby Lobby Challenge’: What To Know About This Hilarious Internet Fad and… Teens Are Taking Pretty Great Looking Photos In Craft Stores As Part Of The “Hobby Lobby Challenge”   Now granted, I’m not teenager. BUT I do know one and that makes me just as cool…

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5 Common Mistakes Seasoned Bloggers Make (& How to Fix Them)

In my LUXE ACCESS Facebook group, I have the ability to mentor and walk along side some pretty amazing Bloggers and Creatives. Because of my unique scope, I get an inside look at how other Bloggers and Creatives use their skills and how they market themselves. Network marketing is so cliché now but I firmly…

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Huge List of Keywords to Build Your Blog Name

As you may know, I recently made a big blog name change from The Sentimental Mama over to what it is now, Her Hashtag Life. This blog has went through more than one blog name change though. When I originally started blogging, this space was known as Cashmere Haven. For my love of the scent…

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