5 Common Mistakes Seasoned Bloggers Make (& How to Fix Them)

In my LUXE ACCESS Facebook group, I have the ability to mentor and walk along side some pretty amazing Bloggers and Creatives. Because of my unique scope, I get an inside look at how other Bloggers and Creatives use their skills and how they market themselves. Network marketing is so cliché now but I firmly believe in it and how powerful it is to grow your business. As Bloggers, we use Network Marketing in our every day activities to benefit our business and brand. This kind of marketing varies per person, per brand, per business which is why I also agree with having a mentor who is able to be a support person for you while you gain your network marketing “footing.”

When marketing comes to topic during my conversations, I often find that seasoned bloggers have so much going on that they miss out on some golden opportunities and make some easy-to-fix mistakes along the way. Some seasoned Bloggers are stuck and not able to grow and others are just too overwhelmed to even care. Can you relate? The following topics are ones that I have regurgitated more times than not so I felt it would be good to get it all out there so that I can hopefully help more bloggers in the inter-webs. Here are 5 common mistakes seasoned bloggers (and creatives) make and ways they can fix them.

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Huge List of Keywords to Build Your Blog Name

As you may know, I recently made a big blog name change from The Sentimental Mama over to what it is now, Her Hashtag Life. This blog has went through more than one blog name change though. When I originally started blogging, this space was known as Cashmere Haven. For my love of the scent…

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Two Big Announcements

I have two big announcements for you all this evening… One is about our family… and the other is about this blog… You ready? Eeeeeeee!!! First big announcement! Just when I thought things were getting in the groove with my daily routines, becoming a SAHM again, creating a new business, fostering relationships, making new and…

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