DIY Photo Letters Wall Decor Toddler Room | #GentSleeps + Social Print Studio

By now, most of you have seen my Instagram-Inspired Monochrome room reveal on If you haven’t, make sure you check it out to see the full affect of this room before reading this little behind the scenes post! This post is a little special because this is what started it all. The hashtag #GentSleeps was my source of inspiration for this whole room. What started as a fun DIY project quickly became an “ah ha” moment and this tiny project spiraled into what it is today… Gents Instagram-Inspired Monochrome Toddler Room.

I thought I would go into the planning stages of what it took to pull off this toddler room makeover. So over the next couple of weeks you will see some posts that go into a little bit more of detail about this room and the products that are featured in it. I hope this will benefit someone out there that is trying to accomplish a room like this or even inspire someone to actually want to start a project!

This first post, I will go into the big #GentSleeps photo letter wall display. Some of you have asked and I know there wasn’t super close pictures of it, but YES on the letters there are quite a few of Gentry’s sleeping pictures from the hashtag #GentSleeps on Instagram that I got printed through Social PS.

DIY Photo Letters with Social Print Studio | Social PS


First you will need:

Social PS MiniSquare Prints

Marquee Letters

Spray Paint in choice color


Acrylic Paint in choice color

Chalk Paint if you want a good matte finish

Command Strips

Glue Gun

(optional) Wooden Hashtag (purchased at Target)


DIY Photo Letters with Social Print Studio | Social PS

This is really a super simple project so not very much from the instructions stand point. I purchased my Marquee Letters at Hobby Lobby. These were VERY difficult to find that would fit the size of the print. I waited until they went on sale for 50% off and then snatched them all up. Retail price for one of them was $12 so it is definitely advisable you watch for those sales or use your 40% off coupon once a day. You want to make sure you rip off any labels on the marquee letters before beginning. And be very careful not to rip the paper mache. I had to use two to three coats of paint on the marquee letters as well. At first I painted the letters with acrylic paint first, but I found that painting with a mixture of spray paint and acrylic was better for this project. I am also painting outside in Arizona heat so I’m sure that has something to do with it too. Chalkboard paint is what I finished them off with. I liked the matte finish it gave. Leave the paint to dry overnight before beginning the hot glue process.

DIY Photo Letters with Social Print Studio | Social PS

When ordering your Social PS Minisquares, make sure you guesstimate as accurate as you can guesstimate lol I had to put in two extra orders because I didn’t count prior to actually laying them out. Feel free to count on my images on this post. Maybe the letter you need is one that I used as well. Lay out your prints on the letters prior to hot gluing them on. You will have some gaps in some places so you need to work out what looks best on what letters before taking the plunge with the hot glue.

DIY Photo Letters with Social Print Studio | Social PS

DIY Photo Letters with Social Print Studio | Social PS

Using Command strips, hang your photo letter(s) up! It will be easy to remove and put back on if you don’t get it straight the first time.


DIY Photo Letters with Social Print Studio | Social PS


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DIY Photo Letters with Social Print Studio | Social PS



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