Feature Me

I am currently accepting stories from my readers for publication at the beginning of 2017. Have a great story? A touching or inspirational one? Don’t have a blog but you are itching to share an experience?

Some topics covered on this blog:

  • Life as a stay at home Mom
  • Working out of the home
  • Miscarriages, still born and child loss
  • Infertility
  • CHD
  • Other child defects, disorders and dieseases
  • Balancing motherhood and life
  • Birth Stories
  • Sentimental Stories
  • Touching stories
  • Photography relating to any topics listed

Ready to submit?

Fill in the form below on SurveyMonkey. I will respond to your request within 2-3 business days. Please note, features are currently being scheduled for Q1 of 2017. Often times, the story might not fit within this blog. There will be those times that I reject a submission however, I currently work with many bloggers where your story might fit their blog better. Please do not hesitate to submit! I look forward to hearing about your story!