Hunny, I’m Pregnant.

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I have been so busy creating my new business {!!!!!} and have been out of the blogging loop! So I thought I’d write a little post about something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. So many friends are getting pregnant around me, it makes me SO excited. I love babies. And apparently this is baby season.

It was March 10th, 2013. A Sunday. I was out and about shopping… I remember specifically walking into Target in Chandler, AZ. My tummy wasn’t feeling right and I was due for my monthly so I just figured that’s what was wrong with me. Each step on that concrete walking toward Target, my thoughts got the best of me and I started thinking… What if these were pregnancy feelings? I mean I never have felt them before so how would I know?

I finished up at Target and Mitchell wanted to go to Ikea to pick out an entertainment center… So we did. The whole time I kept thinking… what if……?

I had a list. I had a list of what I WAS GOING to do if I found out I was pregnant. Creative ways to tell Mitchell… Creative ways to tell the family… Creative ways to tell everyone else… But that list VANISHED from my memory as my stomach turned at the thought… what if……?

So we went home. Mitchell spent a little bit of time putting the entertainment center together, while I ran upstairs to take a pregnancy test. The dang test didn’t even make it to the counter top to give it the “3-5 minutes before reading the test” before the two little lines made their appearance.

I always wanted to be a Mom. I loved on my nieces and nephew as if they were my own. I babysat my little heart out since I was 13 years old. To say being a Mom was in my blood was an understatement. That is until I had the test. And the test said positive.

Nerves ran through my body. I had a BAZILLION thoughts run through my head. Like “I hope the little baby is okay”, “am I going to be a good mom?”, “I need to call the OBGYN right now” and “What am I going to do” and “Is this really happening” and “HOW AM I GOING TO TELL MITCHELL.” My list flew out the window hours earlier and I honestly knew I could not gather all my goods to do what was on said list ANYWAYS to complete this “creative announcement” to Mitchell that was on that list. I couldn’t even make it down the STAIRS without wanting to tell him, so how could I possibly go one night without telling him?!

I calmly walked down the stairs and told Mitchell “come here I want to show you something.” Looking back, I have no idea why I didn’t take the test with me but I obviously wasn’t in the right mind. So we tread on up the stairs to the bathroom and I show him the test. “So what does this mean?” I couldn’t mutter a word. I just held my mouth waiting for it to sink into his brain.

We hugged… I never cried. I think I was more shocked and scared than anything. My hormone scare the previous October pretty much still had the effect on my mind so I wanted to MAKE SURE the baby was okay.

We headed over to Oreganos and had a nice dinner. We talked about this little ones future… Threw out some names we liked and tried to figure out a CREATIVE WAY to tell the family since my list was long gone. 🙂

It was a special day. One that I can still feel how I felt then. The smell of a pizza cookie still brings me back to that day.

Sometime thereafter, this video circulated Facebook. It was so touching to me. Still makes me cry. It was so beautifully done. So here’s my favorite video of a Mama sharing the pregnancy news to her husband.


I thought I would share a little jingle a made with a FREE PRINTABLE! Feel free to use this for your pregnancy announcement if you’d like! Pin/Share/Forward! Just click the following image and save to your computer. Should be 8×10 sizing so you can shrink it if you’d like 😉 Would be PERFECT in a gift box next to your pregnancy test! Or wrapped up with a little teddy bear… or something else sentimental to your husband!

pregnancy announcement


How did you tell your husband you were pregnant? I’d love to know! Comment below or shoot me over an email 🙂



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  • Carmen

    It’s raining on my face! Reading this post made me feel all the emotions I felt when discovering I was FINALLY expecting. I had my ideas on how to break the news to my hubby or our family but things changed when we kept trying with no luck and after many doctors visits being told that there was sufficient data that showed we more than likely wouldn’t be able to conceive a child of our own. After my 1st GYN had done all that she was legally able to do for me she referred us to a great fertility specialist. Boy was that a scary uncertain time in our lives. We meet with the pricey but well worth it specialist. He was so good to us…..helped us understand what was going on with my body and what were our options. Many more doctors visits, yucky medicines and several boxes of pregnancy test all telling me my body was not able to fulfill that function. I remember clearly I was telling my MIL how my breast were sore yada, yada and she said I think you should take a test and in my head I was like “ANOTHER ONE” but a few days after that conversation I gather the guts to take it and after over a year of trying finally I got those two little lines. I was alone; hubby was on his way home from work but still about 45min away but I just couldn’t way I called him and told him because well I just couldn’t believe it. On his way home he stopped and bought 3 boxes of different pregnancy test and spent most of my afternoon peeing on the stick all with the same result. We had to wait to tell our family until blood test and scans were done to make sure the pregnancy was viable…..that was the longest week at that time. Had a great pregnancy and although it ended up being an emergency c-section and my baby spending a week in the hospital I still thank God we were referred to that fabulous fertility specialist. With our second one it was a complete surprise to see that my body somehow click(specialist called this honeymoon stage) and I got pregnant on my own a year and a half after the birth of my first. This time again somehow my MIL knew there was something “different” with me and sure enough I was pregnant.

    • Thank you for sharing your story and reading my post! Seems like we relate so well!!