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A big hello to my fellow Mama Bloggers! I am so glad you stumbled across my blog and I am excited you want to connect with me! As this blog evolves, it is my passion to give back to Mama Bloggers. I plan on working closely with you all within the next year through the use of specialty Facebook groups I have curated. Below you will find links to the various Facebook groups. Each one has a specific task on what it is I want to accomplish in each group. These all have rules within the descriptions that will give you more detail on what is going on. I look forward to seeing you there!

blogging is my jam

Blogging is my Jam Facebook Group is just for Mama Bloggers that are looking to get help with growing their blog and mingle with other like minded Bloggers.

Some things discussed here:

  • Ways to improve your blogging
  • WordPress/Blogspot help
  • Theme design help
  • Success stories
  • Recommendations on blogging type stuff
  • Inspiration
  • Writers block assistance

promo group cover

Specifically for Mama brands + shops to connect with Mama bloggers for promotions and giveaways.

Here you can share your latest blog post, ask for help growing a specific Facebook post etc.

Here are some more topics discussed in this group:

  • Funnies/Memes (because we all need a giggle throughout the day!)
  • Instagram Loop Giveaways
  • Blog Hops
  • Link parties
  • Twitter parties
  • Help boost IG post
  • Surveys to improve your shop


The Brand Efffect FB Group

The Brand Effect Facebook Group is my newest Facebook group. This is specifically for Mama Bloggers and Mama Brands to collaborate. It is VERY specific here. Collaborations are vital to growing both your blog and shop and it is my passion to help both sizes of the collaboration and foster genuine partnerships.

the best mommy blog posts

Last but definitely not least, The Best Mommy Blog Posts Facebook Group is your spot to mingle with your current and prospective audience. Once a day at your leisure, you may post one of your best Mommy Blog related posts within this group. Additionally, you can add your friends and families to this group. This is a more “open” type setting where nothing behind the blogging scenes is discussed. Your audience will be front and center wanting to read your posts here. And you see how this Facebook banner is pretty bare? That is because once a month, I select around 10 new bloggers from the Blogging is my Jam Facebook Group and put their logo on the cover! Just another extra bonus for being a part of the Blogging is my Jam community.

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This page will be growing and changing, so please check back often.