All services are designed around the need and want of the photographer which is why there are no pricing ever listed. On average a small photography business utilizing a few services would normally spend around $200-$500 a la carte for extra help when needed. Monthly subscriptions are possible and start from $200+/mo. In order to gain knowledge of how I can assist and help you and to what capacity, a consultation is a must. A FREE consultation usually lasts around an hour and can be done via Skype, FaceTime or a phone call.

“Virtual” Outsourcing Services:

  • Basic editing of your photographs via CS5 {including Lightroom} based on photographers specifications
  • Marketing assistance {mailings, newsletters etc.}
  • Social Media updates
  • Blogging
  • Wedding album creation based on photographers specifications and software

“Virtual” Assistant Services:

  • Email assistance in various capacities
  • Virtual voicemail assistance
  • Networking assistance
  • One on one analyzing current business status with ways to improve and grow
  • Administrative tasks such as mailing thank you cards, anniversary cards, and holiday cards
  • Logo design and branding
  • Viewing sessions and completing the final selections
  • Updating client sessions online galleries {i.e. SmugMug}
  • Creative photo shoot ideas
  • Proof reading miscellaneous marketing material
  • Blog proof reading – a must for a very detailed high attendance blog!
  • Submitting to work publications
  • Ordering special gifts, wrapping, and mailing for clients
  • Resume drafting, editing, and proof reading
  • Scheduling organization
  • Creating giveaways
  • Travel arrangement help
  • Ordering business cards and other various supplies

“Day of Assisting” for those that are local to Arizona:

  • Basic airbrush makeup application
  • Posing assistance
  • Scouting photo shoot locations
  • Various assisting tasks such as handling light reflectors, handling equipment, babysitting children during family shoots, etc.
  • Model connections {its like model mayhem… but more realiable!}
  • Researching, gathering and organizing ideas for stylized/themed shoots
  • Assisting photographer with photography gear and setup of any decor
  • Access to Prop List {a network of Photographers who are willing to trade prop decor}
  • Modeling with Brianne – Want to test out some poses without comprimising them on paying clients? Here ya go!

“Photoshoot with the Photographer” for those that are local to Arizona:

Hate that you don’t have any recent pictures of you and your family? Need an update on your marketing images? Hate having to hide your hand so you can click the shutter from a distance?

Utilizing this service allows you to still be in control, still be the photographer, edit the pictures how you want to, with your equipment and I am just your prop to hit the shutter. I can of course grow in this role based on your specifications (posing help, controlling the children etc. or even doing your makeup beforehand!)

Coming soon:

  • Workshops for photographers clients on how to do basic makeup application
  • Networking Mixers for Photographers
  • Events to mingle with other vendors

These are just some of the services I provide and this list usually grows based on gaining additional photographers and learning what needs that they need to be met that others can benefit from as well.  {Keep in mind} I am an extremely quick learner especially when it comes to computer software. If you don’t see something here that you need help with, just ask and I’ll let you know if its possible!