My Secret Announcement

Shark Tank NeatCheeks
Image by Josh Snyder Photography

So most of you know by now that I am now the Blog Ambassador for NeatCheeks the first and only flavored face wipe for kidos! They had me join their team for this super special, super secret campaign to launch this super secret event another level. With the help of Meg their Marketing Coordinator, we will be insuring that everyone on the PLANET knows about this special event. But BRIANNE!! What is this secret event you speak of?!?!

Shark Tank NeatCheeks

Twenty-eight weeks ago, I DM’d (direct messaged) NeatCheeks on Instagram asking if they would be interested in doing a collaboration with me. I just so happened to check out their Instagram and website and my first thought was, man… why don’t know about this company and these wipes already?! My second thought was, do these reeeeeally work?

Shark Tank NeatCheeks

So I received these wipes, tested them out, and fell in love with them. Gentry HATED to get his face wiped, it turned into a big ordeal that usually ended in a bath just because I didn’t want to get a full body work out. My kid knows how to make some messes. So I tried them, on any little kido I could, and the same reaction happened with each kid: SMILES. Licking their chops. Reaching for the package for more NeatCheeks. I just didn’t know WHY these guys aren’t public knowledge on a large-scale. Like a in-every-darn-Target scale. Everyone needs to know about these things!

Shark Tank NeatCheeks

Enter Brianne + Meg. With our help, we will be collaborating with as many bloggers, shops and social media enthusiasts that we can to spread the word… That NeatCheeks will be on Shark Tank on April 17th! That’s less than 2 weeks away so mark your calendars!

Shark Tank NeatCheeks

Nobody knows the outcome of the episode besides Julia + Danielle the creators behind the wipe. We will all be watching together anxiously hoping they land a shark! Did I even mention how much of a FAN I was of Shark Tank prior to me finding about this event? It is THE show my husband and I watch religiously! I am just so thrilled beyond words that I get to partake in this little adventure with them and watch first hand – two moms that had an idea, executed it, and became successful at it. So here we go people!

Mission: NeatOUTREACH

Shark Tank NeatCheeks

Who’s ready for our virtual viewing party?


If you have been contacted by me, we are still going through the selection & execution process. I will be reaching out to you over the next couple days with details of our collaboration. I am so excited for you as well! This is BIG!


The Sentimental Mama

Brianne Geiger
  • Omgosh this is ingenious!!!!! Elliott HATEs When I wipe his face with a regular wipe! So excited for you and the company, this sounds like an awesome idea. Nick and I are shark tank addicts! So will definitely be watching, let me know if you need a neat cheeks tester in Canada. I have one dirty, messy little man on my hands 🙂

  • Wow that’s so exciting! Good luck.

  • That is so freaking cool!!! Shark Tank is such a cool show!

  • Haha genius product!!! Hopefully it goes well on Shark Tank!