Sip into Summer with Nuby! Review + Giveaway

Super excited to be able to share with you some new sippy cups Nuby is launching this summer! To kick it off… A review of their Wash or Toss Cups with Spout Lid with (removable) Handles AND their Wash or Toss Printed Cups with Spout Lids!


Nuby USA Product Review & Giveaway


The Sentimental Mama is part of the Nuby Parent Blogger program. In exchange for product I provide my honest review. The following review was completed in exchange for free product. All opinions and statements are personally my own.

Nuby USA Product Review & Giveaway

Nuby doesn’t hold back with their fun designs. When I received the Wash or Toss Printed Cups I literally said “aww” out loud from their cute prints. They are plastic with a removable top, come in a set of 3 and can hold up to 10oz of liquid. (And yes they are BPA Free!) Perfect size for your tots little hands, super easy to clean and I love that they are reusable.

Nuby USA Product Review & Giveaway

As I was cleaning them up I also whipped out the Wash or Toss Cups with Spout Lid with (removable) Handles and poured Gentry some ice-cold water. We headed outside for some play time and brought our cups with. He used the handles for a bit and then decided he wanted the handles off… So he handed it over to Mama and I took them off. I thought that was pretty convenient. They have the same feel to them as the cups above sans the printed cute designs. They too are BPA free, come in a set of 4 and can hold up to 7oz of liquid.

Each set of these reusable sippy cups make for a great transitional cup!


Nuby USA Product Review & Giveaway


All of these cups are easy to toss in your diaper bag and fill with any drink you see fit… I, fortunately, have a son that loves some water. Ice water to be exact. And afterwards, its easy to clean and easy to store as they all stack inside each other.


Nuby USA Product Review & Giveaway Nuby USA Product Review & Giveaway


Now that I have gotten your attention, who wants one of these to try yourselves?! Nuby has graciously allowed 5 (yes FIVE!) winners for this giveaway! Each 5 winners will have their choice between either the 2 handle unprinted set or the printed reusable Wash & Toss set. This giveaway is open to US residents only and must be 18+ years to enter. Good luck! Cheers to a sippin’ summer with Nuby!

Nuby USA Product Review & Giveaway

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Can’t wait to enter + win? Get your hands on the super cute printed reusable Nuby Wash & Toss sippy cups at your local Target! They will also be launching on Amazon June 19th!

OR if you were interested in the solid color removable handle Nuby Wash & Toss sippy cups, they are available at your local Meijer! Coming to Amazon on June 19th as well 😉

Nuby USA Product Review & Giveaway


The Sentimental Mama

Brianne Geiger
  • Danielle

    My summer plans are to relax, this will be the last summer i will be a mother of one!

  • Krissy

    My summer plans are to try and take my kids on their first vacation.

  • enjoying every hot day !))

  • Renee

    My plans are to sit at home and relax and enjoy time with my family!

  • Keri j.

    We plan to go to the zoo and do lots of swimming!

  • Roseanne Gary

    Tee Ball & Baseball with the boys. ⚾⚾⚾
    Lots of pools & the beach. My princess loves the water.
    Fishing & camping too!!! ⛺⛺⛺
    We love the summer!!! It doesn’t last long around here. ❄❄⛄⛄

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I take my kids swimming almost everyday. Staying hydrated is a must. They got beach buckets and sand toys so bay trips will be planned as well as going to zoo before pass expires. We take snacks and sippies everywhere we go. Especially the drinks.

  • alexandra robertson

    Enjoying the fresh summer watermelons and last month before my little guy turns 1

  • Rachelle Sanford

    I love a product that simplifies life. The removable handles are great! One cup for multiple stages!

  • Rachelle Sanford

    My summer plans include lots of time at the beach and local parks with my daughter. As well as travel to see family!

  • Stacey

    My summer plans are to have some pool time with my hubby and visit with family!!

  • Alyona

    No exact plans just being outdoors as much as possible

  • Julian Reyes

    My Summer Plans is to spend all day in the NICU for my triplets until they go home. Once they go home – have a huge welcome home BBQ!

  • Danielle Williamson

    A lot of camping, swimming, zoo time

  • Anna Nicole D.

    July I’m going to visit my Family in Maine
    August going to Rhode Island for a week with my BF family
    September going to New York City then up state for a wedding

  • Dawn Monroe

    My youngest son is turning 18, we have a grandson due in July and we are hoping to travel to Niagara Falls.

  • Jayme

    My summer plans are to enjoy family time with the kids going to the park,zoo,lake,grilling out and enjoy some cold ice cream!

  • Gabrielle Danz

    I am getting married on July 11th!! So enjoying the married life and taking my daughter to a ton of places this summer!!

  • Jennifer Cervantes

    My summer plans are to relax, craft and start making the handmade Christmas presents for my 5 girls.