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How I Live Pro-Life in a Pro-Choice World

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First, I understand how HEAVY and HEATED this topic can be. But rest assured, you won’t find any finger-pointing or blame on this post. Please read this article with a gentle and open heart.

Second, this is written from my own viewpoint which includes my own opinion. You have your own as well and that’s the GREAT thing that we aren’t all the same, right? I know there are girls (like me) out there that struggle with this topic and maybe I can share my viewpoint with the hopes of opening up someone else eyes.

Third, I normally don’t post these sort of posts here on this blog. I usually try to be pretty light and not dig too much into any heavier topics. I think because I have now put my personal health issues on blast for the world to see, I kind of feel naked now. Not in a “oh my gosh I have to hide” but in more of a freeing “this is ME” way. And after I have seen many many posts filter through my Facebook feed post-debate night, I felt a prompting to write about this topic.

Fourth, this is not a “I’m with her” or a “MAGA” post. I’m not voting for either of those two people and this post isn’t to tell you who to vote for.

Lastly, I personally have never had an abortion. I don’t want this post to make you feel guilty or bad if you ever have had an abortion. In fact, I hope that it does the opposite.

Please keep reading…

With the topic of abortion, politics and religion are ALWAYS thrown into the mix for obvious reasons. I think I wrote this post about 3 times already and never once hitting publish just because I know that I will have those that glance over this whole post to make it to the very end and guess what is between the Preface and the final paragraph is a whole bunch of Bible verses and Pro-life arguments but you may be surprised at what I have to say.

As I have aged, I have felt my heart soften – weaken. I cry all.the.time. Happy tears. Sad tears. Frustrated tears. All of it. (#GetTheTissue) I have always had a tender heart but I feel like it’s just getting mushier and mushier. I have also realized that my viewpoints have changed throughout the years (which is normal and amazing and freeing.) Some strengthening and some weakening to “well, I just don’t know the answer any more”. Actually being okay with the fact that I don’t have to know everything. I have also learned through these years that my opinion on matters have varied GREATLY after I have in fact been through or witnessed whatever the topic is that I have a viewpoint on. This is especially true for heavier stuff such as divorce and abortion.

I believe God created life. He wants us all to have eternal life. I believe God cherishes every. single. person. even if they have sinned and not repented their ways. Additionally, I am not God or Jesus but I want to strive to be like Him as humanly as possible. 

This is how I live in a Pro-Choice World

My viewpoint of abortion has changed over the past 3 or so years. For much of my life I have agreed: “Abortion is killing. Limbs are ripped. Chemicals burn the baby up. Body parts are sold. It doesn’t matter the reason, every girl should birth that child.”

My heart-strings were pulled when someone who was very close to me came to me while I was pregnant to disclose that they had terminated their pregnancy for non-medical reasons. I was very pregnant at that time so you can imagine how heartbroken I felt. And I couldn’t fathom what she felt or went through. I cried. A lot. I still cry over this abortion. Each birthday of Gentry’s I think of how this little baby would have been celebrating their life just a couple of months later. Or how many other woman would have love to hold that baby as their own. But I felt in my heart that I could not make her feel guilty or horrible for doing such a thing. I tried my hardest to say to myself throughout the conversation “what would Jesus do, what would Jesus do” and in my mind I saw a gentle loving Jesus reaching down and wiping her tears and giving her the biggest hug ever and telling her He still loves her. So that’s what I tried to do.

But the fact still remains, abortion is killing. Limbs are ripped apart and babies still feel every chemical burn on their bitty bodies. I think we can all agree on that.

Where I believe the issue remains is three things:

  1. If the government should control if abortions are legal or not
  2. Which term of the pregnancy it’s still “okay” to abort
  3. What is deemed as a medical or non-medical abortion
With claims of corruption and injustice, do I really think the government should play God?

I don’t think so.

(Hang on to your panties and let me explain)

I want mix things up a second. Say this new election happened and a conservative individual comes into office and enforces a full-blown ban on abortions. I believe, abortions will STILL HAPPEN. It just might be in another country or in a bathtub with a hanger but I digress…

i-am-still-in-the-miracle-business | Pro-life in a pro-choice worldIf there is a ban on non-medical abortions late in the game, I think abortions will still happen – doesn’t matter if its 12 weeks or 26 weeks. The reason is that we are born into a flawed world full of people with different views different desires that choose their own routes in life. Not everyone knows Jesus. Not everyone wants to know Jesus. God is of the possible though and I think he has the ability to change minds of those contemplating abortion. Which leads me to my next point:

If the government controls abortions this limits the ability for the church to be an active participant in assisting with those that are contemplating abortion.

Additionally, the government would be forced to dictate what is deemed a medical need or non-medical desire for abortion. Elected officials will also be able to dictate what term its “okay” to abort in or not at all. The government may even mandate statements OBGYN’s must say prior to abortion. They would probably even force OBGYNs to always offer that as an option. Do I really want the government all up in my crotch and my OBGYNs office? Seriously?


Here are some articles that I have read recently from both sides of the spectrum:

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Well that’s confusing. And frustrating. And messy.This is ending a wanted pregnancy. This is late-term abortion.

Your opinion that it’s acceptable because of a life-threatening illness to the mother or the baby is INVALID!

OB/GYN Says Abortion Never Needed to Save Mother After Clinton Defends Late-Term Abortion Stance

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Confusing. And frustrating. And messy.

So let me bring it all home for you… Maybe this can help you too figure out some things personally before you vote this year if abortion is high on your list of issues. In my view, this would be the “perfect” scenario:

  • Government stays out of my panties and out of my OBGYN office; limited government
  • Abortions not banned
  • Members of churches (of all demographics) are active members in the public including impoverished areas
  • Volunteering is at an all time high for even those that are not active in the church
  • Little shops start to pop up to cater to those that are contemplating abortion
  • Family counseling and preventative medicine approved by insurance companies
  • Services within churches (of all religions) given to those that have had an abortion
  • Offering OBGYNs yearly/quarterly services and help to find best ways to have topics of abortions discussed
  • Government bans the sale of body parts post abortion

This is how I live Pro-Life in a Pro-Choice world.

In conclusion, I am not agreeing that abortions are right. I am also not agreeing that they should be banned. I’m also stating that no two women are alike nor is each and every situation the same. And that we were all born with free will. I also believe that I should mirror Love. My God is a BIG God and is in the business of doing miracles. I also believe it is up to us that believe in Pro-Life to pull away from our keyboards and get active within the community. Offering to volunteer at your local abortion center. Open up services to those that have been traumatized because of the route they have chosen. DO SOMETHING other than just posting a shaming status update. Oh and also vote your conscience this election.

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And a little PSA: Remember, there are those that have lost a child not willingly or wishfully and visual reminders and dark damaging images can be triggered for these ladies too.



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