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The Cat is Out of the Bag

Woah. Okay. So you guys reeeeally want to know this secret huh? I thought I would just send a teaser out there to see who would take the bait and since sooooo many of you did, I decided to turn it into a little game… and I HAD FUN so thank you! I would tell Mitchell of all your guys’ crazy answers. And GUESS WHAT some of you got it right. There are THREE people specifically that if you smashed their answers together you would get my secret!!!


Angela {Brewer} – Lora {Darsee} – Romi {Kamberg}

YOU ladies must either be REALLY good at Wheel of Fortune or know me pretty well 🙂

AND NO… I am not PREGNANT! 🙂

So allow me to begin… AND yes there is a STORY behind my secret so I do have to give you little bits to read.

Back when I lived in SoCal, I went to a party. (No funny jokes here… Even from YOU Eva! hehe) I went to a party at one of my closest of closest friends houses, ME SO aka Tisha. Had lots of fun, ate a little bit of some food and ended up joining a very new company at the time called SCENTSY. I took it semi-serious. Brought in a little extra dough that I was satisfied with. I loved it too because the buzz about the product was JUST starting and yet not EVERYONE and their Mother was selling it. So I was the go to chick in my neck of the woods. I then handed my customers over to my friend Monica when I was ready to wipe my hands clean of California and move on over to good ‘ol TENNESSEE!

I started doing Makeup dubbed “Cashmere Haven” when I first moved to Arizona. I loved that I could help others and make them feel more confident as well as applying makeup on a nervous Bride who was just about to marry the love of HER life! Things quickly changed in my life as I became PREGNANT last year and was on bedrest for much of the pregnancy. I decided to hang up my brushes and my Makeup kit eventually EXPIRED.

My good friend Adrienne took on all of the clients that still needed my assistance and I still (at the beginning of my pregnancy) was able to help assist her on some special requests. I still to this day give her all referrals if anyone is still needing makeup services.

So here I am. Staying at home with my little curly-haired squirt. Anyone that knows me knows I get antsy. I like to have fire set under my behind to get me motivated. I crave that. And I don’t have that any more. So I decided to take up blogging…. and then started doing social media projects with a Mortgage company. And even offering help {for free} to struggling small business owners to help with their social media. But one thing was lacking… And I felt as though I need to focus my energy into a company that I can start to earn some sort of income. I saw these pictures floating around Instagram recently and I thought hm. Now there’s a good idea. But NOBODY ever approached me about it. I looked at the company briefly a couple of months ago then threw it on the back burner. That is when my Husbands cousin invited me to her online party. I flashed back to the previous month where I was looking at joining this company. I knew that it was a NEW company. I knew that the BUZZ was starting and I knew that not EVERYONE and their MOM was selling it. I flashed back to Scentsy and it just made sense. I read deeper into the company. The FAQ, what the expect of me the whole nine. Spoke to the event coordinator of the online party. My only question was… did she have the same background as me? Did she have a Makeup Artist background. AND YES she did. So we spoke briefly in our MUA terms and after another convo with the husband, who was all on board, I decided to take a leap of faith. My secret is…. I’m BACK in MAKEUP!!!!! Just in a different way 😉 So what does this mean?

  • I get to sell the FAMOUS 3D lashes
  • I will be starting a YouTube channel {very soon} with tutorials, Mommy tips and more!!!
  • I get to raise my own little team
  • I get to help others with social media
  • I get to help photographers
  • I will get to flex my photography skills in Makeup & Beauty
  • Gentry gets to keep his Mama at home
  • This blog will remain the SAME with the same material. Just now there will be sprinkles and splashes of BEAUTY posts. Pay attention to the “Categories” as I will be creating new ones based on this recent news.
  • I have TWO Instagram accounts – One that I already have {TheSentimentalMama} which is staying the SAME. And two: {MamaWithThoseLashes} where it will be strictly beauty, makeup, 3D Lashes, Before’s & After’s, contests and giveaways.
  • I now have TWO Facebook pages – One that I already have {The Sentimental Mama} which is staying the SAME. And the other, you guessed it: {Mama With Those Lashes} which will be where all of the Before’s and After’s will be along with contests, giveaways and anything Younique related.


So there you have it. There’s my secret. Oh waiiiiit forgot to tell you about the products JUST IN CASE you don’t know about it. This company is called YOUNIQUE and they are FAMOUS for their 3D Lashes. They also sell a bunch of other makeup that I cannot wait to get my hands on. I did my first before and after today. It was pretty cool…. I put on my normal every day mascara. Let it dry. Put on their Transplanting Gel. Then used this crazy wand that was super fuzzy. Put more Gel on it to seal it and bam. These lashes are NO JOKE. When I put it on I thought, darn I wish I had these when I got married!!!!! Yes they are waterproof, all natural, yada yada 😉 So here’s my before and after:

younique before and afterCrazy right?

Also, starting TONIGHT I will be inviting my girls to my first online party —> Here’s the link if you are already curious… cuz I know you are!!! So be on the look out for the Facebook event!

So I just want to say to all of my close friends and family… You ALWAYS back me up on every new change that happens in my life. If I relocate to another state, get married from some “random” guy I met on the internet (hehe) or even start a new business venture. I love you all and I am so thankful I have you in my life.

Thank you for all reading my SECRET! I hope you all remember me when you have questions about makeup or want to purchase from Younique!

And also always remember…

I’m that Mama with Those Lashes!!!


The Sentimental Mama


Bre. Geiger