10 Things I Have Learned About Myself in my 30s

I thought in celebration of my 34th birthday yesterday, that I give you a little insight into my not-so-beautiful world and even some really beautiful things I have learned about being in my 30s.

10 things I have learned about myself in my 30s

1.) Things that I used to stress about in my 20s just doesn’t seem to be an issue any more

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2.) Random wispy white hairs started growing out of nowhere on my face

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3.) As if #2 wasn’t bad enough, my bones have started to crack y’all.

Peace out high heels. I’ll sure miss you…

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3.) Health has become a top priority

When I thought I was working out in my 20s to look all sorts of cute and fit into the teeny tiny bikinis, in my 30s it’s now a necessity that I focus on my health. It’s almost like reality has set in and things have started to “break down.” It’s my focus to slow the aging process down now. YIKES. Gosh I sound old. ha.

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4.) Cherishing friendships made in my 30s

Making friends (especially as a Mom) is so damn hard (WHYYYY) as an adult. Starting from scratch and never feeling like you could ever compete with their original friendships since birth… But then when I do make those connections it’s almost like a divine intervention. I have a couple of friends who I have made in my 30s that it seriously feels like God put these ladies in my path for a damn good reason. Friendships being made in my 20s usually consisted of who can be the DD the most or how often we saw each other in person. I can tell you the friendships made in my 30s are so damn genuine, raw and drama free.

5.) My biological clock is ticking louder and louder

My first pregnancy was not the greatest. You can read more about it hereAnd while we are not trying (aka purposefully having sex to get pregnant because come on y’all TBH.) I never ever thought I would still be having children into my 30s. I always thought I would be a young fun Mom. But then life happens and years just tick on by.

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6.) Trying/Learning about new things makes me feel young again

I know my 40-year-old friends are going to laugh at me for saying this insinuating that I’m officially “old” but give me a sec. Not sure if you were like me but in my 20s I used to pride myself in the fact that I knew XYZ or that I have already done XYZ. “Oh yeah I’ve totally been there.” or “Been there done that!” But in my 30s I feel like I say “what can this teach me” or “what can I do today that I’ve never done before”  vs the latter. I’m less quick to one up someone in conversation and more inclined to sit back and let them teach me something. It’s kind of like an ah ha moment.

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7.) Party time vs career driven

I feel like my 20s was all about soaking up THINGS and having FUN while doing it. Now in my 30s, it’s all about my career and creating a legacy that I will eventually leave behind.

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8.) I see things in a new light

Going off of #6 and trying new things, I can say that doing the mundane has actually given me a new sense of inspiration in my 30s. Trips to the grocery store aren’t just that; I am more observant. I help older ladies who are looking for a specific food item. Taking long strolls through the produce aisle as I like to look at fruit and wonder how I could incorporate it into a photo shoot. ( WHO AM I hahahah)

The Sentimental Mama Health Series

9.) The “Women” section of clothing stores suddenly looks appealing

You know you are getting older when the juniors section either doesn’t fit you any more or the clothing starts to look like they are missing half of the damn shirt. Or more than my cheeks will be hanging out of those cheeky cut of shorts. Ya feel me? I know shop in the old ladies section. (WHO AM I!!!!!!) Slacks? Button ups? Long flowy shirts? My taste in clothes have definitely changed in my 30s.

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10.) I am still terrified of being forgotten about

Not too lighthearted on this last “thing” but I can tell you that the fear is still there. I talk about loneliness a lot on this blog and I also am very open with my fear of being forgotten about (which I believe is one of my deep down reasons why I like to blog.) But even though I’m getting older, wiser, grown… I am still a baby in the fetus position at the thought of being forgotten about. By my family, by my peers, by my friends. I may never be okay with being alone or indeed being okay when someone forgets me.

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If you’re in your 20s or 30s or even 40s, I love to know what you have learned recently about yourself! Let me know in the comments below. Looking forward to reading all about you.

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