Stylish Milk Magazine featuring The Sentimental Mama

I’m PUBLISHED! +10 Tips to Become an Official Mommy Blogger

I think I burst into tears when I saw my spread in the first ever Stylish Milk magazine. I feel so honored and so grateful to grace the pages alongside some amazing brands, shops, and other MAMAS.

Brandis Allison with Stylish Milk Magazine spearheaded this amazing project. She planed and designed the entire magazine. And an amazingly BEAUTIFUL magazine at that! Alongside of her was Emily Butterworth from Hello Charlie that was the main contributing professional brand photographer, stylist and creative ideas partner. My hat goes off to you ladies!

What some of you don’t know is that I was on the yearbook committee for much of my High School years. Back then, we didn’t have hardly ANY of the technology we have now, however, I remember how much time it took. The layouts, the picture submissions, the tagging, the cropping, hunting for a good story, gathering correct spellings of people’s names… and the inevitable marketing of the yearbook. I could go on on and on but Brandis and Emily, your hard work does not go unnoticed. This is Barnes & Noble magazine aisle worthy, truthfully.

So I bet you are itchin’ to get your hands on a copy, aren’t you! Let me first tell you some things that you will find in this magazine:

The full issue has 196 pages full of pretty, inspiring images, amazing holiday deals, outfit inspiration, gift ideas for the whole family, DIY projects, a recipe that will surely have your kids squealing with excitement, an inside look at what it takes to become a mommy blogger and so much more!”

If you caught that last tidbit, my feature includes a behind the scenes look at why I blog PLUS “10 Tips to Become an Official Mommy Blogger” which begins on page 49.

Stylish Milk Magazine featuring The Sentimental Mama
Special THANK YOU to Josh Snyder for my headshot used in the magazine!


So how do you score yourself a copy? Click here to order from Stylish Milk Magazine. It is only $4.50 (!!!) PLUS $1 of every sale goes to the Toys for Tots charity! It is only available as a digital download currently, but if things change to where you can get a hard copy in your hands, you will hear it here first!

Stylish Milk Magazine featuring The Sentimental Mama

I would love it if you could support me and download your own copy.

Please let me know if you do too!

There is a “gifting” option that you can also gift this to a friend. What a great way to brighten someones spirits for less than 5 bucks! Click here if you would like to do so:)

So raise your hand if you own a copy!

Stylish Milk Magazine featuring The Sentimental Mama


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