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5 Things Nobody Told Me Before I Moved to Arizona

I have lived in Arizona now for a few years… At the end of August it will be 4 years to be exact. And while I had a very quick move here, (speaking of – I need to disclose the story of how I met my Husband!) I really didn’t get to research or ask around about what its like to really live in Arizona. I just knew one thing – its HOT and its a “dry” heat (right?!)

Driving around lately I have been thinking what I would have said to myself before I moved here; what its really like. I must disclose, I love Arizona… I have found the things I love about this place but there are times when I find humor in the things I don’t enjoy. Maybe this post is mostly about those things.

Here’s what I would have told myself..


1.) Its super weird when you meet some one that was born and raised in Arizona.

Super weird. This is the most transient place I have lived. And I have lived in a lot of places!!! I still remember my first interaction with someone who was born and raised here and I think my eyeballs popped out of my head… “people actually have lived here for 30+ years and have staaaayed here?!”

2.) Dust is EVERYWHERE inside your home, in your car, EVERYWHERE!

I despise the look of dust on anything and after my umpteenth purchase of Swifter Duster wipes, it finally hit me. It’s not that there is a mysterious dust bunny sprinkling around dust particles around my home just to aggravate me, it’s the fact that I LIVE IN A DARN DESERT.

3.) Your feet are ALWAYS dirty!

Everyone wears flip flops. It’s too hot for socks 78% of the year soooooo sandals it is which means your feet are constantly dirty (see #2). If you are considering a new profession while living in Arizona, look into becoming a cosmetologist and specialize in amazing pedicures. You’re welcome.

4.) However, at least the roads are nice…

Your feet may look like asphalt, but the highways are AMAZING. Clean and pristine. You actually feel good bringing in your friends from Phoenix airport and taking them home… Where they will usually express how impressed they are with the cleanliness of the roads. ESPECIALLY if said friends are from Orange or LA County. #justsayin

5.) They LIED to me. Its as humid as a pubescent teenagers armpit.

Who started this “dry heat” thing?! Just a sales ploy to market all those tourist knickknacks at the airport. You know with the skeleton that says “at least its a dry heat.” You know what I’m talkin’ about… All I know is that my curly hair knows whats up and I am a fro-mess much of these blazing days. #hellomonsoonseason

…and a bonus…

6.) Downtown Phoenix is dead.

Someone hurry. Quick. Get down here and grow Phoenix. FIX IT. Seriously. It’s so SAD to me that a major hub is DEAD much of the time. Weekends? Nights? DEAD. I know they are slowly working on fixing up the place, but they need to hurry. Its sad. My ex-Orange County self misses being close to city life!


Now who wants to come visit me? 🙂



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