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I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about Pinterest ever since my previous blog post. And since I left a little tease at the end, I will continue my tips for stress-free pinning! This next tip will be lengthy so I will keep this post to just one tip.


Tip #6 A steady flow


 I have to admit, I am not the best example of this! But this tip is coming from someone that gets it from both sides. What do I mean? I hate getting bombarded with the same pins all of a sudden from one person and more times than not, just advertisements! That usually *instantly* pings me to head over to their profile and start “unfollowing” some boards {which you don’t want your followers to do!}


With that said, I AM one of those people that blows up Pinterest {not with my images – I’m just a crazy pinner} but I try my HARDEST to make it as enjoyable as possible. I do have a disclosure {which you may want to add as well} on my main page that states to “Choose which boards to follow”. I hope that this would elevate this issue for some but the reason for this tip is that other people are not that {Pin-savvy} like we are!


Here is an example for you as a photographer: You use Pinterest to allow pinners to repin your fantastic {and I’m positive they are} images. You want everyone to get directed back to your blog, only to find out that YOU are local to them and that they are your soon to be next clients. OR that you want to generate a “buzz” of all your fantastic pictures. I can {almost} guarantee you that if you go onto Pinterest and just slam your boards with images {almost like spamming} and not being selective what you put out there as well… You will not get this type of following you so envisioned. What I recommend doing is:


    • Only choose those images that are just AHHMAZING – I mean drop dead amazing. Lighting is HUGE for repins. Pinners love great lighting pictures!
    • Pin throughout the day. Do not just delegate a specific time period to pound out your pins. This will irritate those that are on Pinterest at that time!
    • Try not to pin in the wee-hours of the night. Sure you will have {some fan base} pinning but there will be a lot more pinners during {not-so-vampire-ish} times!
    • Select images that will have “curb appeal” {find out what is “trending” or the current buzz on Pinterest}
    • Mix it up! Don’t just pin your work, mingle and repin other photographers or other pins that you find interesting. {Pinterest is a tool not a handout}
    • And take your time uploading them! Do not go pin happy with your images!


If you have ANY questions what so ever, please reach out to me {here}. I would like to dive deeper into your social media applications, find out what you are doing right and focus on things that I can help you change to promote growth of your photography business!


Bre. Geiger