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Choosing our Son’s Name

Gentry Hudson.

My little energetic, social butterfly, ham of a son… I get asked about why we choose his name often so I thought I would write a little blog post about it!

baby name meaning on The Sentimental Mama 2

When I got pregnant

I never looked up children’s names before conceiving. I always thought it would give me “bad luck”, same goes for wedding stuff – didn’t look any of it up until I was proposed to. Which also reminds me, I need to write my story about how I met my husband… I get asked that a lot too!

So we found out we were pregnant 2 years ago… March 10th, 2013. Seemed like once we found out I was expecting, we started calling our little squirt tons and tons of nicknames. From #TurkeyBaby to #GeigerMinion there were plenty of laughs generating from the little life I was creating. But once things really sunk in… ohhhh what the next day after the pee test? The hunt for the perfect name commenced. I spent a majority of my day aimlessly scouring the internet, pinterest, google, facebook, ANYTHING and everything online. There were key things I was looking for. And my husband? He wanted to help with the choosing but wasn’t too big on hunting as seriously as I was. You don’t really realize the magnitude of this decision pre-pregnancy. I just thought.. aw, how fun finding baby names! YAY! But noooooooope. See that plus sign on the pee test stick and everything changes. This little baby is going to have to live with this name for the rest of his or her life! Gosh this was such a hard decision!

My key things that were going into my decision:

  • Definitely wanted unique. If any of our friends or family carried this name it was marked off the list.
  • I wanted a last name as a first name.
  • The name must have a cool nick name – or any sort of nick name for that matter.
  • The husband has to agree to it. (obvi….)
  • Can’t rhyme with any inappropriate words.
  • Can’t have a super crazy spelling.

So that was my thought process through it all…. How many of you can relate to me?!

I think I saw just about every single name ever created before I started diving into “Icelandic surnames in the 1960s” and then I knew I was just getting way out there. So I went back in my mind to how my husband and I met, after all I am suuuper sentimental (but you didn’t know that about me already.)

Story time

I lived in Murfreesboro, TN and Mitchell lived in Mesa, AZ. I love Tennessee – I miss it terribly so. I love the culture, the southern draw, the tornadoes, the unstable weather, the southern….food…. the waterfalls, the greenery, the old-fashion courtesy that most still possess…. I could go on… but one thing that popped out to me while thinking back at those times was country music. So I went through a list of my favorite country artists in my mind. Thinking of everyone’s last name… And I remembered Montgomery Gentry. I hollered (see what I did there) at Mitchell who was in the other room and he said, “you know what… I like that. Thats it.”

But that was just the first name….. lol

Going back to when we first met, I was in training to become a flight attendant. I wanted to incorporate something relating to flying into his name. I told Mitchell “Hudson, from the Miracle on the Hudson” a story that resonated deep within me during our training and learning about that day.

So there you have it! That’s how we came up with Gentry. Its a pretty big back story so I’m glad I got it down all in one place.

Another question I have been asked was if we ever deviated from that name throughout pregnancy. And my answer is no. We chose his name before I was 20 weeks along (can’t remember exactly the date when all that happened above) and then announced it at our Gender Reveal on what the name was!

And now for some Gentry baby spam… Because whats a baby post with out some baby yumminess?

baby name meaning on The Sentimental Mama 2

baby name meaning on The Sentimental Mama

baby name meaning on The Sentimental Mama

baby name meaning on The Sentimental Mama

Hello world! I’m Gentry Hudson!

Want help with creating your own unique name? Head over to my blog post:


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