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My personal list of baby names / Creative and unique baby names from @HerHasgtagLifeOver 3 years ago I was ON THE HUNT. Back then I was searching every single “Baby Names List” article I could get my hands on. I was a googling, pinning, baby name researching QUEEN and I rocked it. I had a good list, both genders, some unisex and I was SET. Then came time to start shooting these off to my husband and nothing was sticking… And then we came up with Gentry Hudson for our new little. I got asked often how I came up with his name so much so that I decided to write it down in a blog post so that I can reference it. You can read it here: Choosing our Son’s Name


After that was over, I had this list still. (Side note: I love lists) So I would add to it, save it and share it. And now I want to share it all with you.

The Ultimate Creative + Unique Baby Names List via


But first…

Tips to help you find your own unique baby name via


Helping cultivate a unique name for your babe can be hard for someone that doesn’t know you personally (right?) So I will break down some key pointers that I used to generate this list and hopefully you too can find the special name for your little; after all they are stuck with it for their WHOLE LIFE – how serious of a task is this… #PressureIsOn So let me help you relieve some of that pressure.


Rehash old names from a long time ago

“Old fashioned” names are making a HUGE come back. Here are some to get you started:

Unique Vintage Baby Names via A Bowl of Cherries

The Ultimate List of Old Fashioned Baby Names via Quirky Bohemian Mama


Look up and research different cultures and ethnicity’s

Know where your heritage is from? Or your husbands? Might be interesting to find out where you originated from if you don’t! Might also lead you to a very special and sentimental baby name for you to carry on. A couple I found:

German Baby Names via German 101

Most Popular Indian Names via BloggerMoms

British Baby Names


Combine names of you and your husband

I still remember when my high school friend Ashlee (who owns a popular headband shop) announced her first baby’s name “RYLEE”. They smashed Ashlee + Ryan and got RYLEE! I thought it was so unique and sentimental – I just LOVED it.


Street Names

I took many walks while I was pregnant (before I went on bed rest) and I remember strolling through the side streets thinking “that would make a great baby name…” and I would jot it down in my notepad. Additionally, maybe you grew up on a great street name. That would tie into your memories and have you little carry on a bit of your childhood.


Singers + Actresses + Pop Culture + Fashion Designers

If you read my post about my son’s name “Gentry” you would know that this is how I found his name – from Montgomery Gentry. Have a specific type of music you listen to? Start diving into those that sing… Maybe your favorite singer has a sister that has the most adorable unique name!

Check out Harper’s Bazaar Most Fashionable Names


Last Names as First Names

Again, this was one of my main focus’ when looking for Gentry’s name. I loved having a last name as a first name. Unfortunately neither my family nor my husbands family had a last name that would make a great first name so I started to dig. 🙂 Using the word “surnames” would also help you in this hunt.

Last Names as First Names via Sancta Nomina

Italian Surnames

Stylish Surnames for Girls via NameBerry


City Names

Did you visit a new city on your honeymoon? Travel to a cool place when you graduated high school? Pull up a map and start exploring around special places that you have been, want to go to, or are from. Some city names would make a great first or even second name.

Baby Names Inspired by Places via BabyCenter


Hashtags + Social Media

Thank HEAVENS for social media and hashtags when it comes to searching for ANYTHING! Baby names is no exception. Facebook has upgraded their search functionality SO well lately that it is so easy to find baby names from people you aren’t friends with (but their post is public) or from your friends and groups you are a part of. It searches all of it. Simply go to the search bar type in “baby names”  “help find a baby name” etc and hit enter. You will see a whole slew of search results where people have used those phrases in their post. And more times than not, they will have COMMENTS from people giving their opinions on what so-and-so’s name should be!

There is also a Facebook Group called Baby Names Discussion that you can join and ask for help or search within the group directly for names!

Additionally, Instagram is AMAZING at finding names. Searching under hashtags like #babyname #newbaby #babyboy #babygirl #newmama #naturalbirth etc will bring up all these posts from new Mamas showcasing their new pride and joy… along with a NAME!

Another great tip is to search under the “Places” or location on Instagram. Search local hospitals or if you have some time, find another hospital from anywhere in the world and search in the “Places” portion of Instagram. You will *usually* see a bunch of brand new babies that were born at the hospital from very proud parents HINT: they usually will have a name to go along with the post!



Another question to ask yourself is will you be using a nickname? Sometimes a nickname would be unique as a first name instead.



My last tip will also help you go through my list also. There are names that are common as a boys name that would be so unique as a girls name. There are a few names on the girls list of mine that you may think *hm. That’s a boys name* but sit on it. Think about it without a gender attached and it just may rub off on you.


And now for The Ultimate Unique + Creative Baby Names List!

Some of these may be common to you but uncommon to others – its purely subjective. Additionally, say the name out loud before you ride it off as too strange. Sometimes our eyes are so set at “normal” that when something “weird” comes along we just disregard. Think too if it would be good for the other gender. If you are having a boy, still skim the girls list. You never know!

A sentimental tip:

Find a name you love? Print this out, circle the name(s) and put it in the baby book! Would make a great memento of the process of finding your special baby name!


Did you use my list to find your baby’s name? Comment below and let me know! It would make my DAY!



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