Ctrl, Alt, Delete.

How is it, that you can just hit control alt delete?

I did it…

And through out it all, I’ve gained so much while loosing only time.

I have learned there is more behind a phone call when its made…
Friends step up to the plate,
Acquaintances step to the side.

You depend on family, in a different way – Just to connect.

Cold, chilly, lonely days end with skype sessions with a smiling and giggling 5 year old.
Tears have flowed while a tiny lens captured heartache, sadness, loneliness, love, happiness, and excitement.

Packages arriving in the mail STILL gives me butterflies just like it did when I was a child.

I hold on to those that say hello to me as I pass.
They have no idea, none at all, on how that hello, meant so much more.

Discovering myself has not been easy.
Nor has it been hard.

To let everything you ever knew,
Fall to the waist side…

It is something I will never regret…. it means so much more.

Bre. Geiger