Burned Daddy Makes it to his Baby Boys Birth

Dad Survives Propane Explosion and Makes it to His Son’s Birth

A special post for you this evening… I am a part of quite a few Facebook groups and keep up on a semi-daily basis with most. Today, I was skimming the feed of a photography group when I came across this story from Katie Guaschino Photography. It moved me enough to reach out to this photographer and ask if I could share this story with you all today. Make sure you grab your box of Kleenex before you proceed…

Burned & in a Coma, Didn't Stop This Dad from Making it to his Sons Birth


“6 weeks before this beautiful baby boy was born, his father, Ross, was caught in a propane explosion at their home. He was burned over 50% of his body, and would need grafts on at least 40% of the burned areas. The doctors had to put him in a medically induced coma to help his body heal. All the while his 8 month pregnant wife stood by his side, remaining positive and an inspiration for their family, friends, and two young children (4 years and 18 months).

I was asked to take photos of their planned c-section because they didn’t think he would make it out of the hospital in time to witness his son’s birth.

After multiple surgeries, grafts, physical therapy, and a lot of love and support, Ross was able to leave the hospital in time, although still in quite a bit of pain.


The Touch of a Daddy's (Burned) Hand...

As we prepared to enter the OR the morning of baby Finnley’s birth, Ross delicately removed the compression gloves that covered the grafts on his hands to kept them from swelling and becoming more painful.

The birth went as smoothly as possible. They whisked Finnley to the corner to be weighed, measured, and cleaned. And Ross followed. Finnley screamed and cried through the whole process, as babies do. The only thing that seemed to calm him down was the touch of his daddy’s hand.
Finnley held onto his daddy’s finger for dear life as they poked and prodded him. If Ross had to let go, Finnley would start to scream, but would stop as soon as Ross caressed his cheek.

Burned Daddy Makes it to his Baby Boys Birth

It brought tears to my eyes watching this father and son bond form. A moment that was almost missed.


The Touch of a Daddy's (Burned) Hand...

This is why I love photography. I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of the biggest moments in people’s lives. To capture their memories, and give them the ability to share those memories with others. Its magical.”

 Katie Guaschino is a photographer located in Albany, OR. For more information and to contact Katie, please reach her on her Facebook Page. Do you have a touching birth story? I’d love to hear about it! Drop me an email at [email protected] or hit “contact” in the menu above!

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