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Don’t Forget About Me – A BonaFide Confession

I was asked recently by Be Bona Fide to take part in this campaign that starts today January 15, 2015 and lasts until the 18th. This is a “CONFESSIONS” campaign. This is about getting REAL. To help us all gain confidence and take ourselves less seriously. This is my confession.

“Keep me posted Ewing” was my nick name while working at US Bank. Every morning I would come in… And start my day off with “you’ll never guess what happened to me yesterday.” Every day it seemed like I had a story. They were usually odd, off the wall, unique, crazy, you name it. Maybe one day I’ll start writing them here on this blog for your enjoyment. Most of my co-workers enjoyed my crazy stories hence why I was given this name. (SN: Ewing is my maiden name) It wasn’t that I only wanted to be “in the know”, it was also that if I was being told something (especially at work), that the person remembered me.

bonafide confessions

TO BE HONEST AND REAL: I am scared I will be forgotten about! I have worried about this since early memory. I have to catch myself. My husband usually catches it for me.


I always think I’m going to be left behind. Someone will forget me. Yes, even my husband. Silly right?

To avoid being unforgettable, I find myself trying to be an overachiever. I dabble in a lot and I am determined and motivated. And even though I succeed with many little things, I still find myself focusing on how I can be less forgettable. I want to be remembered…

Does this sound silly to you? Or do you relate with me?

I’m not sure that I can ever kick this habit. I know my husband will be sent a time or two the same text as above (even though I know within my heart of hearts that he would never!). I know I’m going to get my feelings hurt in the future if I don’t get invited somewhere. Or if someone forgot to give me some important “keep me posted” information. I don’t think that this fear of being forgotten about will ever go away. But I think that is has subsided. I think I have worked really hard on this especially since being married and having many friends in our little married life circle. But sometimes it just surfaces. And sometimes it does still hurt.

I know One that never ever forget about me. And I need to be at peace with that. 

So THAT’S my confession! Would you join this campaign with me? Feel free to join the movement with me and visit their website to download this printable (for free) and write down your confession. Take a selfie in any way you feel fit, post it to Instagram (or any social media platform) and use #bonafideconfessions. OH! And don’t forget to tag me! I want to see all of your confessions!

A little bit more about BonaFide:

Lets get real- we are not perfect.
The social media world is all about painting that perfect picture. Perfect kids, perfect vacations, perfect makeup, perfect body, and so on. Nowadays with technology at our fingertips we are all striving to portray that flawless image of how we want others to view us.
That is not real life; having struggles is real life. Those struggles have molded us to the people we are today.
BE  B O N A • F I D E is a company started by two girls who have constantly compared themselves to that “perfect” social media world.
But now we want to know what makes you real.
We will be featuring some of our favorite bloggers and social media celebrities to reveal an undocumented side of their lives.
We want to provide an outlet of the raw, unedited footage that everyone can relate to.

Purchasing Bona Fide shirts and prints (i LOVE their stuff!) keeps the Be Bona Fide movement going! Feel free to visit their shop to find out more info!


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