Most Absorbent Eco-Friendly Diapers via The Sentimental Mama

Eco-Friendly Diaper that’s Crazy Absorbent!

Heavy wetters in the house? Not you… your little’s obviously! How about some eco-friendly Mamas? Well if you have read my previous post about my cloth diapering relationship, you will know that I am not an “all in” type of diapering Mama. Disposable or cloth… I don’t have a strong stance either way. I just go with the flow and whatever works for us and our family is what I do.

Gentry’s onesie for this post is from DottChild

The Sentimental Mama

Well since that post on cloth diapering, I have went 100% disposable. It just wasn’t working out for our flow throughout the day and I just couldn’t make it work. So until mister Gentry is potty trained (and yes I’m already working on that with him), we will be an all disposable. I feel like I have tried them all. All the brands. Big box names down to the off brands. Gentry’s skin definitely does NOT like Huggies – that I have learned. He works best with off brands (shockingly) during the day and then Pampers overnight diapers at night because… well… Gentry is a heavy wetter at night.

Most Absorbent Eco-Friendly Diapers via The Sentimental Mama

That’s where my issue comes in. Even the Pampers overnight diapers STILL leak. He will have a wet patch below his belly button every…single…morning. Without fail. Can you relate? I just thought… this is how it will always be since even the brand name overnight diapers don’t work.

The Sentimental Mama

Enter Bambo Nature Diapers. I hug these every night. I do. I swear. I even cuddle with them at night. OKAY I kid, but honestly every time I slip one of these suckers on Gentry I KNOW, he is locked in and secure free of leaks. I didn’t start that belief in the beginning.

Most Absorbent Eco-Friendly Diapers via The Sentimental Mama

When I received these diapers to do my own review, I was very hesitant. An Eco-Friendly diaper that works. Hmmm. And I haven’t heard of these before… Hmmm. So I admit, I did not put these on him the first night when I received these diapers. Tested these out during the day only. I just knew Gentry’s past experience with diapers during the night and I did not want to wake up with a soaked crib and a toddler holding a diaper in his hand…or mouth… you get the picture.

Most Absorbent Eco-Friendly Diapers via The Sentimental Mama

So the first day was a breeze. The diapers were so absorbent throughout the day. I was pretty shocked to say the least. By day three I gave in and was like, “you know what Brianne, live on the edge.” So I slid one of these puppies on Gentry’s baby toddler bum and laid him down to sleep for the night. Oh and the kid sleeps 12 hours – straight which definitely makes for a full diaper!

Most Absorbent Eco-Friendly Diapers via The Sentimental Mama

Well… Gentry woke up to a DRY. Gentry. The heavy night wetter. Yes, the first time in over a year, my son did not have a little wet patch anywhere on his clothes. Cheers to less laundry might I add! I was thrilled, but still hesitant… Day four, day five… All woke up dry. I was too happy I’m pretty sure I gave Gentry a fist pump while changing him a couple of those mornings. And I’m sure an orchestra was playing or angels were rejoicing… Something like that.

Most Absorbent Eco-Friendly Diapers via The Sentimental Mama


Now listen up… Eco-Friendly & All Natural-loving Mamas… pay attention to this… Even you Honest brand lovers out there… Yeah I know I caught you checking out my page.

After I fell in love with these diapers, I reached back out to Bambo Nature. They initially just sent the diapers and wanted me to have my own honest opinion about them which I LOVE that about a company. So, I wanted to know more. I researched their website and read their pamphlet they sent over. I could literally have an entire post about all the great things this company does not only for the environmentally conscience but for your babies bum. They really take their job seriously at providing the best diaper. I recommend checking all of this info out first hand though. Don’t only take my word for it. Tinker around their website. Read their ingredients. Read how the manufacturer even cares about the facility they work in. Its all there black and white. Did I catch your attention yet? Here is a brief rundown of the information that I found and some additional things that I just love about these diapers. Items in quotations are words directly from Bambo Nature but I tried to keep it in Brianne-lingo to the best of my ability.

  • This company is in Denmark…
  • They have more credentials AND eco-labels than any other brand on the market.
  • These guys are the only diaper certified 100% free of dangerous chemicals and all known allergens.
  • The manufacturer of these diapers voluntarily goes through rigorous environmental testing during every step in the diaper making process (say what?)
  •  Zero allergens (YES – ZERO. Period.)
  • Beyond transparent – They publish a complete list of all ingredients in detail as well as publishing just about everything else that goes into making these diapers.
  • And the manufacturing process… This is taken directly from them: “Abena [the manufacturer] has almost completely reduced all waste during manufacturing. Even powder and dust from the plant is filtered, collected and sold for further use.”
  • 100% Breathable material (“which has been shown to reduce rash and dermatitis”)
  • They are soft – Not as crunchy as some of the off brands I use!
  • Cloth diapering Mamas! These make for a GREAT alternative for those Moms who love the benefits of cloth but for whatever reason want to switch to disposable (like me!)  


Most Absorbent Eco-Friendly Diapers via The Sentimental Mama

And now for the fun stuff!

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