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Bloggers usually share a common thread. We all have a creative mind and that creative mind can usually end up doing some pretty silly things. As I was driving the other day, I reflected at some of these things and thought I should probably share some of these with you all because after all some of my readers are bloggers and well… they would relate. So here you go… You know you’re a Blogger Hustler if….
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#1: You constantly have a running list of possible blog topics in your notepad on your phone.


#2: Ideas pop into your head at the most awkward times.

Like taking a shower. Having to do the naked-tip-toe-water-all-over-dance to hustle over to your phone to jot the idea down just so it doesn’t go down the drain with your shower water.


#3: You are constantly trying to make networking connections.

Even if it’s in the Target shopping aisle.


#4: You have 8 or so… half-finished blog posts just sitting in your drafts.


#5: In the middle of a conversation, you check out into lala land because your friend/husband/fill-in-the-blank just said one word that sparked an idea for a new blog post.

Kinda like #2 above.

#6: You rearrange your shopping list to purchase items for your collaborations, flatlays or future blog posts.

The kids can eat next week, right? 😀


#7: Suddenly your life long goal is to figure out how to make money on your blog.


#8: Those who do not blog, just don’t “get you” like fellow bloggers do.


#9: Any extra income into your life and you already have ideas on where to spend it. New logo… New social media icons. All blog related of course.


#10: You live, breathe and sleep collaborations.


Have more to add? Would love to hear them! I may do a follow-up post with new ones as they come! Your idea may be featured in my next post! Comment below and include your contact info (blog link preferably)!



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