5 Favorite Fonts I'm Currently Crushing On

5 Favorite Feminine Fonts I’m Currently Crushing On

When I first started to blog, the only fonts I knew about were those that came installed onto my computer and those from DaFont.com. Times have definitely changed thanks to Pinterest and sites like Creative Market.

When I need fonts for my graphics on this blog or social media graphics, I utilize Creative Market fonts. In addition, after I have my fonts, I either use Photoshop on my computer or my Over app to actually create and use the fonts I just purchased.

Sorry fans, I’m not a lover of Canva!

TIP: Most fonts you purchase on Creative Market you can install on your Over app on your iPhone which makes creating your graphics on the fly super fast and supa fancy. #winning

So I thought today, I’d go over a couple hand-lettered beautiful fonts that I am currently crushing on and I think you should too.

Links on this blog posts are referral links. Which means I make some pennies if you purchase these fonts that I love, use, and have purchased myself!

Favorite Feminine Fonts from @HerHashtagLife


  1. Summer Palms

    When I use this font, I feel like I wrote it (if my handwriting was this beautiful)… It makes writing something beautiful so effortless. I totally was obsessing over the way the letter “m” looks in this font too. And as an added bonus it also comes with a sans font to pair nicely with this hand-lettered one AND ink splatters AND watercolor swatches.

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  2. Opulent

    What I love about this font is the SVG form of this font (as pictured above) that makes it look so close to having a watercolor font without any fuss. I am not too savvy applying watercolor textures over fonts so when I found this one I literally said SWEEEEEEET!

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  3. Bordeaux

    The quirkiness of this font made me feel happy to use it. I feel like some days I’m soft and in thought when I’m creating graphics. Other days I want to be fun and show my quirkiness. This font lets me do just that without being overwhelming.

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  4. Georgia

    Georgia… AKA SEXY. Yeah I said it. This is one hella-sexy font.

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  5. Peach Babe

    Last but definitely not least, Peach Babe is my go to font. If I want a hand-lettered font, this is the first one I choose. It has a beachy vibe to it in my opinion. It’s easy to use changing the upper and lower case letters to make it look unique. I also like to change the sizing between each letter too and even rotate the letters for even more customization. This is my overall fav.

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What are some of your favorite feminine fonts?

My Favorite Feminine Fonts

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