Finding Your “Niche”

Most new photographers come to me and lay out that they LOVE to take pictures – its their passion… And take pictures of EVERYTHING! And this is great news! However, when you are ready to establish yourself as a great photographer, you must find your “niche.”

I can’t recall where I heard this from but it resonates through my thought process as I explain this to my newbies: You want your clients to talk about you to their friends and family. You don’t want them to say “I know this great photographer – yeah she does pet photography, weddings and even boudoir sometimes.” No, you want them to say “Oh you need a family photographer? I know of this GREAT family photographer that works so well with kids. She’s patient and makes us all feel like she’s a part of our family.” Make sense?

What I’m not saying is to remove all of your other possible photoshoots just because they do not fit into your niche. What I am saying is your branding, your focus, your services and your marketing all of if needs to be geared toward your niche until you establish a name for your business. If you land a “one-off” shoot that does not fit into your niche, still rock that shoot. Then you nailed it and got some amazing images? Awesome & congrats! Watch how you blog about it and advertise that shoot. For example, don’t have a special for a pet photography session when your niche is birthing photography. And this is all until you have established yourself! When you have repeat clients, able to quit your day job, have your business plan in place, your LLC established, a few lens’ in your goodie bag and published a time or two then feel free to hold a special for something that isn’t your niche. Your clients will know you for what you already are known for, not know you for this special “one-off”; but your clients may be able to still benefit from it. But until then, work on growing who you truly want to be as a photographer in a streamlined, consistant approach. This will also help you remain focused and motivated to drive hard to meet your goals and establish yourself as that great photographer you came to me wanting to become!

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Bre. Geiger