First Snowfall!

FANTASTIC NEWS: I experienced my first snowfall here in Tennessee this morning! I woke up to a slur of “It’s snowing!” messages from my friends around Tennessee on Facebook, so I went to go check it out for myself – KittyKat Pajamas and all. (BTW I did not purchase these KittyKat PJs… My fantastic Grandma Hull did. And everytime I wear this “sexy” lil thing I think of her. <3) I ran outside with my hair in a fro and started jumping with a huge grin on my face. You can say I had a child moment. 😀 So I ran to get my cell phone to take a picture and of course I wouldn’t capture it. Then I thought OMG my 30D!!! So here’s the snapshot I got outside my patio door…

SN: I’ve experienced snow fall in California… But this… It’s just too cool to actually live in a place that snows. I am one happy girl.

Bre. Geiger