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Food Ideas for New Toddlers

So there’s that awkward time period when your baby is no longer a baby technically but still has formula/breast milk occasionally, has hardly any teeth to chew BUT you need to feed that little thang with some solid real food. What are some of your own go to yummy easy food that a no-tooth-babyish-toddler could eat? Here are some of mine (which is not much hence this post was created!) along with some of my Insta Mommy friends ideas. Feel free to comment below this post with some of your great ideas!

Where do you get your ideas for feeding your little from? Pinterest? Word of mouth? What you were raised on? The more I go on each day I realize that I don’t have really good experiences to fall back on as a Mother from my past. I am learning more and more that the way I grew up isn’t how I have to raise my son. Food being one of them.

But little did I know that my food loving BABY would turn into the PICKIEST of toddlers! Who is this child and what happened to my baby? 🙂

So morning meals aka brekkie aka breakfast aka stumbling to the coffee pot start button…. have been as follows lately.

– Greek Yogurt + a fruit that he currently likes

– Greek Yogurt + cereal like Cherrios or Chex

– Eggs. And only if he is eye-balling my eggs because eggs have a love hate relationship with my son and he will only eat them on “certain days”

– Toast with almond butter

– Toast with butter

– Toast with cream cheese

….catch where I’m going with this post?

And if all else fails I whip up a great pouch of fruit and veggie greatness thanks to Plum Organics. And as always.. I don’t forget my NEAT CHEEKS wipes

Oh and then… there is… lunch and dinner. How could I forget? Those usually go like this…

Like what Mommy is eating……….? Great…. Fan-tas-tic. At least he’s eating…

Lately, it has been an uphill battle with solids and I don’t even know where I failed… or if I even did. It seems like the minute he had a taste of SWEET (from his first birthday especially) he will DEVOUR anything that is sweet or carb filled. Anything remotely healthy, the battle begins. I have been told… don’t be a short order cook. I have been told don’t force feed. I have also been told, let him get hungry enough to where he will want to eat anything in front of him. All of which (within reason) I feel I have tried… So that is where my Insta Mommys come in. I love my Insta Mommy community so much especially for times like this! Feel free to check out my friend’s ideas below:

@twolittleclarks: Noodles, Green Beans & Pancakes (https://twolittlesclarks.wordpress.com/)

@kagui010: Jello, Noodles, Chicken Soup w/ Noodles/Rice, and really tiny pieces of veggies and chicken.

@momentstomemories: steamed cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potatoes, peas, almost any fruit, avocado, cactus all cut in small bites but not too small!

@k_best11: Mac N Cheese (noodles cut up), mashed potatoes, overcooked carrots, shredded meat & fruit.

@thejoyfultribe: Little pieces of avocados, little pieces of string cheese, steamed broccoli, baked carrots, baked potatoes, baked tilapia, pasta, baked chicken, sautéed mushrooms, yogurt, cut up strawberries, bananas and green grapes. One recipe: mashed sweet potato + cinnamon + hand mixer. (http://thejoyfultribe.blogspot.com/)

@realmomdiary: Plain Greek yogurt, bananas, pancakes (ground up oatmeal + egg + mashed banana), butternut squash/sweet potatoes roasted with coconut oil & cinnamon. (www.realmomdiary.com)

@shaunalee44: Ravioli

@lianaherman: Steamed and pureed sweet potatoes & carrots, steamed and pureed raisins and Mums crackers.


So what other quick, easy and yummy recipes would you like to add to this list? Comment below!



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