Geiger Turkey Baby due 11.18.2013

I can still smell those Magic Nursery baby dolls that I carried around when I was a child. I still remember being so excited getting my Anne Geddes 1997 calendar… Oh how those days I would dream…. Dream the day I could have a baby of my own.

When I met my prince charming in June of 2011 I never REALLY thought that he would like little ‘ol ME enough to put a ring on my finger. Fast forward a few months and he did just that. On my birthday. {Just realizing I still have yet to write a post on our love story!} And as we had our first kiss in the middle of LA on the rooftop of a skyrise, I never even would IMAGINE this amazing guy would be my future childs wonderful Father.

March 10th, 2013 was just an ordinary Sunday to my husband and I. We spent the day running errands and getting the house tidy. We even went to Ikea and purchased an entertainment center so Mitchell spent much of the day putting the furniture together. I felt strange all day physically. I couldn’t explain it. I thought “Aunt Flow” was about to make her visit. In fact, I wasn’t even late yet. If I didn’t start the next day THEN I was late. But something felt so strange to me that I thought I needed to take a test. Now, I’m not sure about you but I have taken my share of tests – even convincing myself at times that it was wrong just because I felt that I’m “so pregnant” which wasn’t the case at all. So on this day, I prepared myself for that negative reading. I whipped out the testing stick. Did my thing… and before I finished washing my hands, I glanced down and a second line was appearing. “No way” I thought… NO WAY. I prepared for that strip to be dumped after another negative reading. I did NOT prepare for two lines to appear. My mind was racing. Do I tell Mitchell now or wait a day and plan my little Pinterest Idea that I’ve kept on my Secret Baby board for quite sometime… Theres no way I can wait. I’m shaking, my eyes are as big as Mexico and I can’t stop covering my mouth. Why? I don’t know just seems like that was thing to do at the time.

So I slowly walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs. Tried my HARDEST to not sound suspicious. Walked over to my honey as he’s sweating putting the furniture together… and asked… “Babe, can you come here for a second?” He responded “Sure whats up whats going on?” I lead him upstairs…. I pointed to the stick on the counter. To his response, “What does that mean? Does that mean you’re pregnant?” I couldn’t even mutter words I just shook my head yes. A sense of extreme worry came over me. Last week I enjoyed a nice beverage and a nice cigar. Is the baby okay? What about my hormones? What if I suddenly miscarry? Do we tell our family now or wait? WHAT DO I DO!

So we decided to go and have a celebratory dinner at Oreganos followed by the amazing chocolate chip pizza cookie with ice cream – because the baby wanted it of course! 🙂 During dinner we talked about my feelings and about how nervous I was but we were pretty sure we needed to tell our immediate family and close friends now just in case something did happen, I would need their support. So what do I do? I whip out my Pinterest App on my iPhone and head over to my Secret Baby board! I had all these amazing ideas when I would be pregnant and NOW I get to do all this fun stuff! So this is how we told everyone…

To our close family that doesn’t live near to us –






To make it Facebook official, I created a Craigslist ad and posted it in my news feed:

So its taken me some time to get around to post about this exciting turn of events this past couple months!

I hope you enjoy my future posts about our little turkey {due around Thanksgiving} and please keep us in prayer!


Bre. Geiger