Gender Reveal Part 2 – The Finale

So last night will mark the day that Mitchell and I found out the gender of our first born. Leading up to this event there was much anticipation and it was built primarily on the fact that I COULD have found out 4 weeks ago but I wanted to save this surprise for a special event… The Glow Stick Gender Reveal.

You can read all about HOW this was done by reading my previous blog post here.

The event was held at il Vinaio in Mesa, AZ filled with 20 of our closest friends. Due to our family living afar, we still included them by sending them glow sticks with instructions not to open it until the time was right… at 7:30pm when we would be breaking ours too.

The theme for the even was Black & White Polka Dots which looking back I wish I had a good camera to capture all of the yumminess. I made three desserts as well: Coconut Macaroons, Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows and Oreo Dirt Pie. I will be posting these recipes individually at a future date.

Getting back to the reveal, I had everyone circle the room we were using so we could all see everyone. Closed the curtains to make it as dark as possible, and broke the glow sticks! Here is the video below for all of you that are dying to know what gender Turkey Baby is!!!

Bre. Geiger