Hello 2015

Hello 2015

Okay sooooo its been what three months since my last post? After me stating I’m going to blog weekly?? I have failed miserably! But alas… here I am again… I have so much in the works, my head is about to explode from all of this that I need to jot down in this blog. From features, to product reviews, to whats the latest in the Geiger household, there is just so much going on this year I can’t control my excitement!

I want to first start with my “resolution” that’s not really a resolution. I like to use the beginning of the year to reflect and find out ways that I can improve my life into the next year but I never like to say “OK self, you will HAVE to do THIS for the ENTIRE year OR ELSE!!!” (Can I get an Amen?) I just feel like there is so my hype over resolutions that I can’t hold myself to that. I already feel like a failure (of sorts) if I post something on my blog (like I WILL BLOG WEEKLY) and it doesn’t happen. So why should I do that for an entire year? GOOD GRIEF. 🙂 So that brings me to my reflection and what I hope to focus my energy on into the coming year. The word PURPOSEFUL kept coming up when I would think of 2015. I didn’t even know there was a hashtag surrounding a “little word” for the new year but for some reason I had just that.


2014 was a whirlwind… From Cardiologist appointments with Gentry, visitors staying with us, to going back to my job at Bank of America and eventually quitting and becoming a Stay at Home Mama, to traveling to California, starting up a makeup business, learning what my camera can do… to trying to blog when I can, planning a first birthday party, traveling to Colorado, MY WORD there is so much more that happened last year, it would take me too long to write in one post. Looking back I realized those days were gone in the blink of an eye and sometimes not much was done each day. I want to focus on living more PURPOSEFUL each day. Having intent in my actions. Having reasons for the things I do. Waking up and breathing in my son. Being more prayerful and having constant conversations throughout my day with God. Focusing on what is happening NOW versus what I try to capture because I want to remember it for later. Does that make sense? As a sentimental person, I always try to hang on to everything that means something and sometimes that can take over the fact that I am not living in the moment of NOW.

So that’s what I will focus on this year… What about you?

As for my never-ending to do list… That will have to wait this moment. Mama needs a shower. And a cup coffee before Gentry gets up from his nap. I can feel the steam from the shower… its calling my name.


the sentimental mama

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