Instagram 101 – Intro

I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

I don’t like my pictures.

Social Media gives me a headache.

I can’t afford to take a social media course.

I want to get more followers.

I want to grow a close following.

I want to make Mommy Friends.

I want to interact more.

I want to get more organized.

I want to learn how to get better at Instagram!

Sound like you? Maybe I can help.

First let me tell you, I am no professional. BUT I am a home-grown social media’er and have been in social media before the term “social media” even existed 15+ years ago. I get how it works. I know what the pro’s do. -><- I understand the inner-workings and why things do what they do. And I also know that I maaaaay make some people “ticked” giving out all these “secrets” for free. Yep, not charging y’all a single dime.

But be forewarned, because of how technology is now a days, this post (and my posts hereinafter) might not be “up to snuff” and may lack the *most current* ways of doing things around social media. So that is my little disclaimer. Just know that as of right now, this stuff works but it may change; with bug fixes and new releases, apps and programs may change how they do things. This is not a “get rich” deal or a “get a million followers overnight” situation. I will cover those issues in future posts. Just know that what ever you read here won’t work unless there is execution, consistency and thoroughness.

So I decided to start a series on my blog for Social Media assistance beginning with this post. I will first dive into the amazing world of INSTAGRAM. The tag for this Instagram series will be #InstaHelp101. Feel free to follow others using this hashtag around social media, as well as finding this tag in my categories on my blog. Click that and it will bring you to all of the lovely Instagram Help posts. Instagram is by far is my favorite social media platform and the one that I know the most about. I would like to post everything I know into one post BUT the thing would be so overwhelming and irrelevant to some readers. SO I will be breaking things down. Below will be my flow of posts in sequential order.

My question to you is…

What do you want to read about first? Comment below OR fill out this handy survey monkey. I will be posting as soon as I can (i.e. during nap times) and hopefully it will turn out to be a weekly series!

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  1. Instagram App Features
  2. Hashtags
  3. Building a Brand & Marketing
  4. Apps to Help you on IG
  5. Apps to Help your Images
  6. Getting More Generic Help
  7. Instagram Rules
  8. Giveaways & Collaborations
  9. Blocking & Following
  10. Q&A from YOU, my readers, friends & family

Looking forward to help you all out!


The Sentimental Mama

Bre. Geiger