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Is The Mommy Hook Worth It?

You are all giddy with excitement. Your little peanut is growing inside of you… And you get to sign up at a store for their “Baby Registry!” You aimlessly surf the aisles with your scanner in tow. You may have printed out a thing or two about some “must haves” for your registry but suddenly you just can’t keep focusing on those pieces of paper. You’re overwhelmed to say the least… And you start to head out. You swing by the stroller aisle to “just check some things out” when you notice “THE MOMMY HOOK”. It has a pretty nice price tag at around $7 you scratch your head and wonder… “Is it worth it?”

The following review is based on my own opinions.

The Mommy Hook provided me with a Mommy Hook for free to complete this review.

They will also be providing a Mommy Hook to the winner of the giveaway below!

THE MOMMY HOOK via TheSentimentalMama

Most strollers (especially the fancy smancy ones) do not have a lot of compartments to keep things light and easy to carry. They sell accessories a la carte; which is something that I had to learn the hard way. We picked out the Britax B-Agile from Amazon because we thought it was durable, would last, was easy to fold and wasn’t super bulky. But what we didn’t know is that this whole accessory a la carte thing would be in our near future purchases. Which leads me to the first positive thing about The Mommy Hook:

  • It is great for those strollers that just don’t come with a lot of accessories.

Well that might be all fine and dandy that might not matter to some of you so let me break down further on what I think the positives and potential negatives could be with The Mommy Hook.

  • Its big. And bulky. And that’s a good thing! Its sturdy and will last a long time. Even the husband approves. When asked what his favorite thing about it is… He says “its heavy-duty to hold a lot of Mommy crap.” If you know my husband… That was said in a funny voice of course.
  • It is one mighty hook. I use it the most for Target purchases. (hehe) When Gentry was still in the newborn carseat, I would click the carseat in to the stroller rather than the cart at times. I would snap on the Target handheld basket to the Mommy Hook and tote little man around. (Picking up little odds and ends as I would go through the store of course) This would be my way to get out of the house and it usually is what I do on a consistent basis now! (C’mon ladies you can relate!) So I would end up at the cash register more than what I originally had in mind was my limit……. And check out. But I had the stroller… with the Mommy Hook – Snapped those bags… all 7 of them on to one hook. I got a couple raised eye brows from the cashiers a few times and one even said… “my that is one great little gadget you have there!” No kidding was my response… This was a new Mama’s lifesaver.
  • It’s easy to use.

With all that is said the one use it gets the most out of is holding my purse. I snap my purse onto this hook more times than not. I think of it as an extra hand. If I am out an about carrying my purse and Gent needs to be picked up or I need both hands and don’t want to drop my purse, I snap my purse onto this hook! It’s so convenient.

THE MOMMY HOOK via TheSentimentalMama

As far as negatives go. There are TWO – IF that. And these two are subjective. Both of these are issues only if you are careless or not thinking straight. I honestly couldn’t find any negatives (even the price tag is amazing!)

One of the “negatives” is that your stroller can become unstable if you place too much “Mommy crap” (as my husband says) onto this hook without there being counterweight on the stroller. So that means if your stroller doesn’t have either a kid in it or the newborn carseat, be cautious when packing on all the goods on to the hook especially when the hook is on the handle bar and not toward the center of the stroller; hope this makes sense! This might be common sense to most. 🙂

The other “negative” is that you could potentially catch your finger in the hook. Now this is so far-fetched here. I’m try to grasp anything to be realistic in this review (because I honestly love this hook so much). So if you are careless, maybe running on one hour of sleep and you head out to Target, watch your fingers ladies. Okay? 🙂

But HEY MAMA where can I get this amazing hook?! Lots of places! Let me break it down for you here:

Find The Mommy Hook at these fine retailers 🙂

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