Favorite Kid-Friendly Plates & Cups That Last

Remember the sturdy Tupperware that we grew up on?

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The plates… the bowls… the cool lids. Oh I miss that stuff… As times have changed, Tupperware has morphed and doesn’t quite live up to the old stuff that they used to make. Can you relate? But I think I have found one company that makes some toddler loving serving products that is not only as sturdy as that old Tupperware, but it is even sturdier in my opinion. Did I mention how adorable they are with such fun colors? #winwin

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

So I was strolling around Walmart one day, mostly to get out of the house, but you know how those trips end up where your cart is more than half way full? Yeah, one of those days. Well I was tinkering around the baby aisles like I normally do (my most abused part of any store) and I was checking out plates and bowls. And at this time in Gentry’s life, he wasn’t using products like this yet… He would rather throw these types of items than eat on them a few months ago. But more recently I whipped these babies out of the cabinet and tested them out on Gentry. Re-Play was even kind enough to send me even more colorful goods to complete this review. How sweet is that? Below I will also share another great thing about the company itself…

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

What I loved the most about Re-Play is the thickness of the plastic. As I opened this post up with in the beginning, the immediately bring me back to the old days of good sturdier plastic products. What did Gentry like the most? Well, when he doesn’t eat on these plates, he is usually playing with them. They are his “Gentry Dishes.”

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

And want to know something even more amazing? Gentry is learning to eat on them without throwing the plate. If you know Gentry in person, you know that this is a feat in of itself. So the fact that he is accepting that there is a pretty cool looking plate in front of him that has his food and doesn’t need to be on the floor, is amazing.

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

So the other thing I like about Re-Play products is that they are so FUN. Fun colors, bulky design… They make for some fun eating adventures. I feel like I am a little toddler chef when I serve Gent in their plates.

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

In their color blast set, they also included this super cool “snack-stack” as they call it. It is a pretty versatile little thing. I recently saw on their Instagram that Mamas are using these to help with dying eggs for Easter! Brilliant! I have used mine to store some of Gentry’s snacks but what he likes to do with it the most, is me showing him how to twist on and off a cap. Its the simple things with toddlers that I love so much!

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

Some other items I found out while researching about Re-Play that I think are pretty cool:

  • Their packaging has a minimal design to save on additional unnecessary waste.
  • Throughout the whole process of making these cute little things, they are completely made here in the US! Also, that saves on a ton of money if you break it down for things that are made…. say in China which has to travel 11,000 miles.
  • They have ran over their plates with a CAR. Yes people, these suckers are durable!
  • All of their products are made from recycled plastic milk jugs! 1lbs of plastic comes from 2 jugs. #mindblown
  • They are reasonably priced. Like I said I found them originally in Walmart. They can also be found on Amazon too.
  • And one of the greatest things I found… As a company, they hold family values with the utmost importance. They work flex hours allowing them to work around their family. They hire multi-generations from all over their community (AWESOME). And they even give paid internships to local college students.

Whew. Crazy right?

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

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To purchase your own super fun COLORFUL set of these amazing plates, cups, bowls, utensils  (and they even have some teething toys!) visit the links below!

Re-Play on Amazon

Re-Play Shop

or visit your local Walmart, Whole Foods, or Kroger!

The tee Gentry is wearing below is from Charlie & Chomper. Teal shirt is his PJ’s from Carters!

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review

Gentry's Dishes | Re-Play Product Review


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