mama bear

Mama Bear

I started writing this a few days ago… And I think I needed to wait until my blood stopped boiling and I was level headed. In no way do I want to do harm to this lady… but at the time that this event took place…………………

Its hot still here in Arizona. One hundred and thirty degrees. I wanted to bring my hubby a nice sandwich for his lunch. We live about 20 minutes from his work so its a drive… not a bad commute but its still a drive. Headed over to Jason’s Deli… Not a big fan of that place since I lived in Tennessee but I can count on them for having some unique and yummy sandwiches. Its hot, I need my sandwiches, I have a baby in tow…

I pull in to the parking lot and park. Plenty of parking so I just picked the easiest one I could pull into knowing I had to open my car from the passenger side to take Gentry out of the car (funny how we now think of things like this right Mama’s?). So I pull into a spot that had a spot next to it that was empty. Pulled out the stroller and set it up right next to my car. As I was about to pull Gentry’s car seat out of the car, a lady driving a black Ford Fusion swerved into the spot next to me… no braking, no wave to say sorry. Nothing. She narrowly missed me by INCHES. I stood there in shock. My heart racing… Looked at my stroller and thought OMG… thank goodness Gentry wasn’t in that stroller already. I put my arms up like what the heck just happened and why do you really want to hit me? ESPECIALLY seeing my door open, trying to get a child out of the car AND a stroller that you barely missed! She didn’t make eye contact, walked out of her car and slammed the door.

I put Gentry into the stroller. I had already placed my order online so I just had to pick up my sandwiches… and there she goes… into Jason’s Deli. Well GREAT I thought to myself…. So a kind worker opened the door for me and asked “hi, how are you doing today?” to my response “well great except for that lady right over there almost hit me right now”. Which sure caught him off guard… I was praying the whole time… “Please do not let me hurt this lady….please….” So I pulled into the line and she was there waiting… So I pulled my stroller in front of her and went to a cash register. She glared at me and I made eye contact… until she pulled away. My heart was racing!!! I just wanted to shake her and say why did you want to hit me?! Did you not see that I have a little baby with me? At least a sorry or even a hand wave and I would have been understanding… But you wanted your sandwich sooooooo darn bad you almost risked hurting someone.


That must have been some sandwich!!!!


I left in haste. Still fuming. Told my husband what happened. And the worst of it all, shes a sister… Saw the back of her car which had a church sticker plastered on it. (And yes I did take a picture of her car. And YES I did think about posting on my Facebook immediately that something needs to happen to this lady but I didn’t…) The sticker was from another local church here. So I pray for her. Whatever ales her (because obviously something is not right) gets fixed because everyone needs their sandwich!! Even me!!! 🙂


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