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Nuby Designer Series Sippy Cup Product Review

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Raise your hand if you kid digs drinking out of some sippy cups. Don’t see my hand? Yeah well that’s because it has been SO hard to find sippy cups that Gentry will USE verses just gnaw on or play with… or throw on the ground… or turn upside down and press the cap on the table and make an absolute mess. Ya feel me?

Nuby Sippy Cup Review on

So, I have tell you about Gentry’s newest sippy cups. If you have been anywhere near a sippy cup aisle, then you know how much of an ASSORTMENT there is of this must-have necessity for toddlers. I would venture to say that there are MORE choices of sippy cups than there are of bottles which leaves us new Mamas to testing and trying them – or most of them out (within our budgets of course) and often times its hard to find the right one. Hopefully this review will help you the next time you’re on a sippy cup hunt!

My sippy cup adventures began pretty early in Gentys little life. I tried getting him into sippy cups way back when he was 5 months old.


Awww he was so precious...

He didn’t dig drinking out of sippy cups… for a looong time. I have tried quite a few from Munchkins, to Tommee Tippee, to Playtex. They each have their own quirks about them… But more times than not my constant frustration was leaking.

I had purchased a few Nuby Sippy Cups (as seen in above photo) before I became a Parent Blogger for Nuby (hence one of the reasons I am such a big fan) and I was always blown away with their anti-leakage-ness. They have coined the phrase “Clik-it! Hear it click know its locked” which is one of my main pros to their sippy cups. You can hear and feel the click so you know its sealed. And that noise actually means it. I have tried another sippy cup that had reassembled that feature yet, it still leaked.

The Nuby sippy cups that I have used up to this point have all been amazing at zero leaks. They all are pretty streamlined and have a few tiny differences between each of them depending on the need of the parent and/or child. For instance, their Flip-It Sippy Cup has a straw that reaches down to the bottom of the cup. This way, if the child is needing to learn how to hold the sippy cup upright to drink from a straw the right way, this will teach them to do just that. THEN it has a flip cover that you can slide over the straw so that nothing funky from your diaper bag gets on the straw. OCD Mamas like me would love this feature… But I haven’t even mentioned, they have a designer series! *gasp* hehe… So each of the sippy cups in this Designer Series has some pretty cool colors (teal/aqua is obviously my fav) and each of them have a cute design on them.

No Spill Flip It with Straw by Nuby product review on

 Then for those babes that don’t really need or like or want the straw feature… They have their no-straw sippy cup…

No Straw Sippy Cup by Nuby product review on

See the fancy little designs on these little things? For those fashionista Mama’s, that may win you over!


Nuby Sippy Cup product review on

As for my little Gent, both of these sippy cups by far have been his favorite out of all of them (yes even the Nuby one from when he was 5 months!) And as for Mama, I love each of these for being leak-proof. They are so leak-proof that when he turns the cup upside down and bangs on a surface, liquid doesn’t come out – that’s a big one for me. But I would say I would probably grab the no-straw sippy before the straw one. Why you ask? Less product to clean! 🙂 I am a lady with minimal time on my hands so the less little pieces the better. But in all reality these two are equally paired and since Gent prefers these two over any sippy cups, I love them both. What makes baby happy, makes Mama happy. Can I get an amen?

In a nutshell, here are the perks of these cups that I love:

  • BPA free
  • So flippin’ good with leaks (no pun intended)
  • Gentry loves them
  • I have the ability to choose from a straw feature or just a normal sippy cup
  • Fashionable
  • A price you can’t beat
  • You can purchase them at local spots like Walmart
  • I love that I can hear it CLICK so I know its sealed
  • If he is using the straw feature, its helping him learn how to drink out of a straw!

And the only “downside” to them is the straw feature you have more to clean!

Nuby Sippy Cup product review on


I would love to know if you tried these! If you haven’t and would like to see if your little one would like these as much as Gentry, head over to the below links to order!

Nuby Clik-it Flip-It Design Cup, 10oz at Baby’s R Us

Nuby Clik-it No Spill Design Cup, 10oz at Walmart

And if you do purchase and post an image on Instagram, don’t hesitate to tag me: @HerHashtagLife on IG and @NubyUSA in your post! I love seeing my readers take my recommendations to heart!

Nuby is also very social media friendly! Follow the links below to find out more about their products and to connect with them!

Official Nuby Website





Nuby Sippy Cup product review on

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