simple monkey themed baby shower

Office Baby Shower – Monkey Theme – Goin’ Bananas for Baby!

Goin’ Banana’s For Baby!

This post is for: A simple and easy monkey-themed baby shower for a manager of mine at work. Quite the whirlwind, the baby shower for my manager ran without a glitch!

Going Bananas for Baby - Simple baby shower for office manager

Baby shower games

Game one: Baby Faces

I found baby pictures online of famous people – actresses, actors, singers etc. I printed them out and pasted them on a large board and put numbers underneath everyone’s face. Everyone had a pen and paper and had to guess which baby face went to what famous person; it really got everyone started. You could even organize the baby faces to be of people that mean something to the mama to be! Her favorite singer, actress etc.

Getting to Know The Mama

I interviewed the Mother-to-be prior to the shower and tallied up a quiz of sorts about the Mama. Everyone learned a little bit more about the Mama after that game was over and I’m sure guests are still talking about the answers today!

Baby Scavenger Hunt

Before the shower started

The third and final game started before the shower. I placed letters on baby items to keep in count of all that I had. Then I “strategically” placed these items around the showroom (our office). I also kept a record of where I placed these items so it wouldn’t be difficult if their was something missing.

During the party

When it came time to start this game, I let everyone stand up in one area, counted to three and they were off. The first person to bring back 5 items won. One minor glitch… Everyone had 2 or 3 items and there were no items left! So I rallied everyone together. Made sure all items were accounted for. Two ladies had (4) items in their hand and one last item was left in the showroom. I had those two ladies go hunting for that last item. The one who found it was the winner. It was quite fun and got everyone in the competitive mood. If anyone does this in the future, I highly recommend you put AT LEAST double of how many people are in attendance. For example, 15 guests have RSVP’d then have AT LEAST 30 items to spread around to find. (Dollar stores are PERFECT to get items for this game)

Going Bananas for Baby - Simple baby shower for office manager

 Trying to do it all

I do have to say that planning, organizing, executing AND taking pictures on the day of the shower is pretty difficult. There was a guest taking pictures so I hope to get those soon! Below are some of the decor that was splattered around Ferguson’s Showroom where we held this baby shower. Pardon the newbie photography.

Going Bananas for Baby - Simple baby shower for office manager


Going Bananas for Baby - Simple baby shower for office manager


Timeline of the Day

Date: 12.04.10

Time: 5pm-7pm


(3) Shower Games: Baby Faces, Getting to know the Mama & Hunt for Baby Goodies


Finger foods, Candy, Cup Cake Tree & Banana Splits


Average of 15-20 guests in attendance

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simple monkey themed baby shower

Bre. Geiger