Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Shorties

Postpartum Must-Have | Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Shorties Review

OH EM GEE. Yes I literally said those words when I slipped this sucker on. But let me back up here for a sec and let me tell you what suckers I’m even talking about here…

The Belly Bandit company is known for their amazing tummy tucking products including their famous and very fitting, Belly Bandit Original which I already owned. What I didn’t know is that they also carry an assortment of other products for the postpartum body including their Mother Tucker Shorties that I will be telling you about in this post.

Belly Bandit | Belly Bandit Mother Trucker Shorties

So when I first received them, I honestly thought of their competitor because I had no idea that they made other items than their Belly Bandit Original. Mother Tucker Shorties are shorts (see image above) that tuck and tighten the midsection and thighs. I opened up the package and I immediately felt how they were cool to the touch. I slipped them on and said OH EM GEE this thing is AMAZING.

It sucked all the right things in with no muffin top, nothing seeping out of the top or bottom. It didn’t feel like I had sandpaper between my legs (Spanx users will know what I’m talking about there!) and it was still cool to the touch. So I pranced around in my Shorties all day. I felt more confident… with zero noises from my thigh rubbing. It worked amazingly under my skirt (and even my JEANS) during this HOT summer we are having here in Arizona. We alllll know about summer sweat (and if you don’t, you can click here) and happily this helped out that issue. But one of the most exciting things about this product was its versatility. I love to work out in it!

Pre-pregnancy, I was a gym rat. I lived at the gym – it was a commonality that brought my husband and I together as well. But when I started working out at the gym post baby, I had all these weird things going on with my body (more of which I will discuss in future blog posts) – and I wasn’t even confident to work out at the gym – yes, you heard that right. So I threw the Mother Tucker Shorties on the next chance I got to go to the gym. They stay PUT and are BREATHABLE so yes I did sweat but not as bad as I would have if I was wearing a garbage bag around my torso. It helped with the rubbing of my thighs and I felt the urge to keep my posture up better knowing I had this on.

So if you are like me, and need some extra tucking and shaping without feeling like you are wearing a garbage bag or sandpaper between your thighs OR that you are a can of biscuits… 🙂 I highly recommend these Mother Tucker Shorties! It will give you relief and confidence. Maybe you can add it to your baby shower registry too!

Belly Bandit was so generous they allowed to hand out a special savings to my readers! 

Use the code: SENTMAMA which will give you $6.00 off your order plus there is FREE shipping on orders $50+. You can thank me later 😉

This code expires on 9/7/15 and cannot be combined with other coupons, specials, gift cards or bundles.

I hope you love these Mother Tucker Shorties as much as I do! I am a customer for life!

Belly Bandit | Belly Bandit Mother Trucker Shorties


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