Search Engine Optimization {SEO} makes a first impression!

When’s the last time you “google’d” yourself? When is the last time you went on your website viewing it through the clients eyes? When is the last time you checked out all of your auto responses to insure they are still accurate and current? What about viewing google images? Ever take a stab at what you can find?

I recommend viewing google and other search engines on a bi-monthly basis to see what you can find. Google yourself, the type of photography you consider your work to be a part of, and also googl’ing basic key words that your potential clients would be searching the web for that you want them to see your work… first. When you type in your name and hit enter, do you see your name at the top of the search results? If not, now would be a gerat time to start working on your SEO settings. Once you have found yoursel fin the search results, does it show all of your pages under your main page? How are those pages labeled? Does it look professional? Any spelling errors? For example, some webmasters generalize a title of a page to “Page-1” or “Services Page”. Change it to reflect, for example, “Bumble Bee Photography Contact”. You want to have the exposure that you are an established company with an establiesh and “put-together” website. This is your first impression sometimes on your prospective client – you don’t get a second chance at a first impression!

Once you have “google’d” yoursef, nows the time to start diving into your own blog, website, facebook and various other social media outlets. View your work from the eyes of your client (which is sometimes hard to do). Try your hardest to step back and look at it from an objectionable standpoint. For your blog and website, check bi-yearly. Make sure your pricing is current and all grammar, punctuation and layouts are proper. If you have a high volume blog, I would recommend checking this on a bi-monthly basis for grammer and punctuation errors. Often times I see a very active blog with high viewers and find a mass amount of spelling errors. And also insure you have properly “Categorized” your blog posts. For instance, if you are posting a Maternity shoot, don’t tag it with a “pricing” “business” “marketing” categories. This will only confuse your clients that are specifically wanting to find your maternity shoots and visa versa with all those other categories. Keep it simple and not over done.

You want to be clear, consice, clean and professional at all times through all of your various outlets.

After all of that is said and done, check out your images on your website and blog. How are they labeled? Select tag words that are popular to your genre of photography – believe me, this works!


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Bre. Geiger