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Spark Box Toys Review

Toys. Which ones to buy? Are they safe? Are they educational? What if my son doesn’t like this toy after I just forked out money on it?

If you saw my previous post “Activities to do with your 9-12 month old“, I am constantly looking for new things to keep my son occupied. Most of these questions above go through my head every single toy purchase I make.

Have you seen the subscription boxes? Beauty in a box… Mommy in a box… These magical boxes that pop up on your door step every month with yummy goodies for you to test out. And have you seen the latest fashion ones? Where you have a personal styling assistant gather up some amazing threads and send them to you a box every month. Keep what you want and return the rest. You pay for whatever you keep. Well smash those two ideas together and you get SparkBox Toys. Only this box is for your little 😉

spark box toys

One thing that I loved about this box of amazing toys was how organized everything is right out of the box. You open the box up and there are all of your toys along with instructions and details on each and every single toy. Down to the instructions on how to use the toys and even some playtime ideas on how to incorporate them into your child’s daily activities.


One thing that I want to point out here is how impressed I am with the thought process behind these boxes. They have leading consulting experts (in a wide range of backgrounds) that pick out these toys for your little. Just reading about these experts make me feel SO GOOD that they selected these toys out for Gentry. Not only that, but they are also age specific as well as gender specific.

spark box toys
Gentry loved lifting the truck bed up and slamming it down.
spark box toys
Being a good “toy tester” for Mama

Some key points to remember if you are thinking about purchasing one of these magical monthly toy boxes:

  • The process is easy and the organization of it all makes it mindless.
  • You don’t have to worry about having a ton of toys to always occupy your child. The little squirt doesn’t seem interested in the toy any more? Perfect, time to send it back and get a new one!
  • You get 20% off of the Amazon list price on the toys that you do want to keep. The way I look at it is that if you are that Mom that is worried she will waste her money on toys that are just going to end up in the trash or latest yard sale, this allows you to “test before you buy.”
  • Grandparents as well as ANY out-of-state family members don’t always have a good grasp on what your little one wants every holiday. Giving this as a gift to someone allows you to give them a gift you know they will love or the Mama will just send back to get a new toy!
  • All of the toys are disinfected to the highest level. I was a little apprehensive about this issue alone (I’m a TAAAD OCD about this topic) until I read their sterilization process.
  • Never pay for shipping
  • Zero late fees

If you would like more info about how to get one of these magical toy boxes in  your mail monthly, click here!

spark box toys


To tie it up in a nutshell, Spark Box Toy service is a GREAT gift idea as well as a must have for those Mamas that don’t want to worry about their kid(s) getting sick of a toy… always will have a rotating set of new toys at their finger tips. With this easy to use service I can clearly see the benefit to every busy Mama out there as well. To also have the reassurance that these toys are not only fun but they are also educational and promote healthy developmental activities.

“Gentry tested, Mama approved!”

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This review is my own unbiased opinion.

SparkBox only provided me with their products to test.

They did not instruct me on how to review or what not to say in this review. 

Bre. Geiger