I’m Going Through a Divorce

Featured image by: Agnes Art & Photo   Hi, I’m going through a divorce, what’s your name? Argh. Difficult topic ahead. Most of you didn’t see this coming. After all,…

The Sentimental Mama Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 with The Geiger’s… And the Patey’s

The Sentimental Mama // Santa is that you? // The tradition of believing in santa

“Mama, is Santa Real?” // Feat. There’s Certainly a Santa: a NEW Christmas Tradition for the Age-Old Question

To me she is the water | Dylan John Western Photography

To me, she is the water… | Guest Feature | Dylan John Western Photography

It was March, a month after my wife and I lost our daughter Ava at 25 weeks pregnant. I was driving on the coast and I came up on a…

Geiger Turkey Baby due 11.18.2013