Toddler Eats Giveaway


I am so excited to share with you my first Toddler Eats Giveaway! I have been thinking about this giveaway for quite some time and over the past few months I have collaborated with a few vendors to put this on. I am so excited to share this with you!

I will break down what you have a chance to win. 7 different products are up for grabs! Each and every single item in this giveaway I have hand picked to be in this giveaway for one reason or another. I hope that you win find these products useful in your every day life with your toddler just as much as I do. These are Gentry and Mama approved!

  • The first Re-Play! You will receive a color blast set! I have just completed my review of these sturdy products in case you would like more info on them! These are “Gentry’s Dishes” 🙂
  • Second, we have Gentry’s favorite bib. Well its more like Mama’s favorite bib. The Aden + Anais Moonlight – Bead Bamboo Burpy Bib. This bib has been with Gentry since his very first bites. Did you see my Instagram picture when he took that first bite?

Toddler Eats Giveaway

Well yes, he was sporting this exact bib and I have purchased this just for your little child to have as well! In addition to using this when he was younger, he continued to use this one bib during most of meals. Why? Because there is a firm SNAP closure that keeps it in place. Oh and did I mention it doubles as a burp cloth too?

  • Third, the first ever FLAVORED face wipes for kids, NeatCheeks! As you know, Gentry is a #NeatCheeksKid and there is a big reason for it – he loves to get his face wiped! These things are flavored with STEVIA and are not one bit sticky (they are not edible). Wipe your child face and as soon as they lick their lips, they will be wanting to get their face wiped even more! Seriously, try it! I will be preaching about these wipes till I’m blue in the face! You will be winning a one week supply of NeatCheeks which equates to 3 packs!
  • Next up, Gentry’s Snack Keeper from Nuby! Its chunky, easy to hold, and keeps his little snacks in one place. I love to hand over this Snack Keeper to him after I sit him in his chair when I am getting his food prepared for him. It keeps his hands busy and his mouth moving instead of crying, which makes my job just a tad less stressful! You will be winning one of your own!
  • Gentry’s very first bites were the following ingredients: Breast Milk + Baby Cereal + Plum Organics Mango. It was delish. He told me. 🙂 From the very first bites to even know as a toddler, Plum Organics is a constant brand that we purchase to feed Gentry. He has deviated from their baby food to their “Tots” line now. He loves his Mish Mash as well as their snacks! I am so happy to be able to give 6 packs of Mish Mash for Tots by Plum Organics away to feed your little one!
  • Num Num Dips. Where do I begin. These little things I gave to Gentry for Christmas and still uses them to this day. I love how they are so baby friendly. They are able to chew on all sides of the dips. They are small enough to fit in Gentry’s little palms. I love that they really help him learn how to eat with utensils. One is like a “fork” and the other is like a “spoon”. The “spoon” being for thinner foods and the “fork” being for the thicker foods. And guess what, you get to win a set of your own!
  • And last but not least… ReSqueeze! I just did a review for ReSqueeze… And if you didn’t get a chance to read it yet, I loooooove that you can dictate how much soft foods go in these pouches. They aren’t puffed up so my little Gentry isn’t intrigued to squirt it out like a waterfall. He actually eats his food! And you get to win your own 4 pack of these!


And there you have it! Some pretty cool and innovative products huh! So this is primarily a Rafflecopter giveaway however it is Instagram heavy. A few days before this giveaway ends, make sure you visit my Instagram to find out how to get some more entries on Insta specifically in addition to this Rafflecopter. Good luck Mamas!


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