top 5 must haves for new mamas

Top 5 Must Haves for New Mama’s

I am so excited to share these products with you! My baby registry was stuffed to the max. I mean it is so hard to really know what you are going to need right? Well the following 5 items needs to be on every new Mama’s baby registry!


top 5 must haves for new mamas

{These are my own opinions – I do not get paid for this advertisement}

1. {Rock n’ Play SleeperCosts around $60 – Forget a bassinet… Forget the off-brand, there is NOTHING that compares to this thing. Gentry lived in this for his first 3 months. The reason I love this thing was the mobility. Its super light and compact. It fit through every door-jam in our house. I would put my baby in this and pull him around to where I was at. Shower time? Sure… Just pulled him into the restroom with me. It also slid up right next to where ever I was sleeping. If it was on the couch or the bed, it fit so close that I could reach my arm out and feel his chest without ever lifting my body out of the bed. I recently shared a not-so-glamorous-but-REAL picture on my social media outlets that perfectly show you what I’m talking about.

rock n play the sentimental mamaGentry LOVED this thing.  It HUGGED him. It vibrates which we were having to give it new batteries ever other week or so because we used it…all…the..time. The vibration is quiet enough to not bother your sleep either. It has an incline. TWO thumbs up especially for nervous mothers worried their babies will choke on their spit up or if your baby has a bad case of ACID REFLUX. It helps them out so much. I can’t speak any more highly about this product. Nothing compares! In addition, if you read the reviews you will also see I’m not the only one that feels the same. If you do see a negative review it is usually relating to torticollis. My son was born with torticollis and this product did NOT make things worse. What makes it worse is when you leave your baby in one position for long periods of time regardless of if its a Rock n’ Play or the swing or the crib or whatever. You have to move your baby. Maybe I need to write a blog post about this…. 🙂

2. {aden+anais Swaddle BlanketsCost: around $35-$45 I love everything by this brand. We live in Arizona and my son was born in the “winter”. Even though it was cold for a baby these thin blankets still kept my son warm. We did not use them to swaddle. My squirt didn’t really care if he was or wasn’t swaddled (probably because he was hugged in his Rock n’ Play) but we still used this to wrap him in it and to also cover me when I would nurse. It also works great on the floor when you want to put your peanut on the floor to check out all the cool things on the ceiling hehe. I also used this to cover my carseat when out and about. Even though Gentry is no longer a newborn (tear…) we STILL use these things. They are BIG, lightweight, and are so versatile you can use them for so many things. Plus they get softer through time!

3.{NoseFridaCost: about $15 Okay at first glance this thing is WEIRD. I admit it. BUT give it a try… Have you seen the not-so-recent blog post going around Facebook about the mold found in the bulb nose suckers? If not, just Google image “mold bulb suckers”. That is what you are using in your precious newborns nose! GROSS – this NoseFrida is the golden tool that prevents that. Its prevents bacteria from accumulating, non invasive, easy to clean…

4. {Motorola MBP33 Video Monitor} Cost: $180 Video Monitors are becoming so common now a days that the price has certainly reflected. This is the lower end video monitor for Motorola. They do have a higher priced one that will allow you to move the monitor wirelessly. This isn’t that one. This one is “basic” if there is such a thing. Video Monitors are  a luxury. You do not NEED one. But if you do get one, they come in handy! I didn’t really do a lot of monitor shopping. My husband and I purchased this one for his Brother & Sister-in-Law awhile back and they loved it. I like how this has infrared and you can see in the dark. I also like the microphone feature. We don’t really use it for Gentry. We use it more for talking between the parental units. Also to note, the screen has a battery saving feature (didn’t figure this out for a week or two) and will black out if not plugged in. You have to hit a button to see the screen illuminate again. SO, if you want to have the monitor screen on at all times, you must have it plugged in or have to keep hitting a button to wake it up from the snooze. Not a big deal to us, we actually liked that it saves the battery but some might not like that feature.

5.{Terry Cloth Flannel Burp ClothsCost: from pennies if you make these to around $15 You canNOT have too many burp cloths. You may get a ton through your baby shower(s) and that’s OKAY but if you can, try to get someone to make these for you or purchase some hand-made ones. The BEST fabric is the terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other. My Husbands cousin made me quite a few of these and they turned out to be my favorite. I linked the closest to those burp cloths I could find on Etsy. I like these because they were “oversized” and have the stitching to easily fold in thirds… but the smaller burp clothes are the ones I used. I LOVE this combination of fabric because it lasts through wash after wash, the are very absorbent, can come in super cute fabrics, and they are versatile. I can use these for cleaning purposes when I am done having littles. I used these a bunch also when I was exclusively pumping. I would put a cloth between my bra and my breast to catch leaks and then I would have one on the side to wipe me off when I was done on each side. When I would use a bottle, I would put one across my chest on the side of my sons face because he pulled away from the bottle and would wipe his face on my shirt. So this prevented it 🙂 There’s a lot more uses out there which is why I say they are soooo versatile.

Have you used these products? Love to hear your comments below!


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