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As you know by now, I am a sucker for anything sentimental which is one of the reasons why I’m so obsessed with photography. As my previous blog post showed you, we had Meagan Gibson Photography take our family pictures this past season. It was a special photo session – and not even one tear was shed by Gentry so that makes it a winner in my book. 🙂 2016 was a difficult year for our family. There was a lot of heartbreak, a lot of tears, a lot of sad times but as the year was wrapping up, the year redeemed itself. I felt this session was our redemption session. I will always remember this time… and this session which is why I just had to print these images and get a canvas.

Gallery wall design inspiration

Who is

I reached out to and they graciously allowed me to check out their collage canvas’. has a special place in my heart which is why I reached out to them in the first place. A little back story… I found out about back in 2006 during my second modeling photoshoot in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with Onyx Photography (R.I.P.) He explained to me that was the only high quality printing he recommends to all of his customers. Coming from someone so well known at that time for the industry he was a photographer within, it was a big deal to me. And that was almost 11 years ago; for a company to still be standing even after the surge of other companies online, just tells you how awesome this company is. Additionally, they cater to professional photographers on the other side with Millers Professional Imaging. So after George with Onyx Photography told me about that way back when, I hung onto that recommendation. (Isn’t that interesting how that works out?) I started printing my photoshoot images with then and have continued to print afterwards. But I have to say, I only was printing prints! No wall art… No fancy stuff – just strictly prints.



Hello Collage Designs On Canvas!

One of the coolest features of for their wall art (aka canvas’) is the premade collage designs (if collages are your thang!) So for all of you that are having issues with photoshop or you need some inspiration on what design to actually purchase, Mpix has soooo many premade templates from a whole bunch of different designers. The design I chose fit what I wanted to the T. It reads: “together is a wonderful place to be” and is from Jamie Schultz Designs who I actually LOVE outside of Mpix! I actually follow this designer so it was pretty cool to see her work here on Mpix. The templates were easy to manipulate and I had no issues with the whole ordering process.

together is a wonderful place to be canvas from Mpix
In our bathroom…

The end result

So when I received the canvas, it was printed beautiful. The colors were perfect. The heaviness to the canvas was perfect. It didn’t feel super heavy nor did it feel flimsy. I started tinkering around with the canvas trying to find a home for it. Which location of the canvas do you like better?

Interior design inspiration with canvas
In Gentry’s room…

One regret…

So I have ONE regret with my new canvas, I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED A BIGGER SIZE! So if you are in doubt, UP SIZE especially if you are getting a collage. Like this for instance….

mockup of desk with canvas

My Favorite Collages for Gallery Wrap Canvas

my favorite gallery wrap collages

#1.) Fine Genesis Blush

#2.) Retro ABC Cool

#3.) Hold Dear

#4.) Vintage Boutonniere

#5.) Abstract Splash

#6.) Forever Friends

#7.) Playful Fox


TRENDY: collage on canvas

Yo, Print yo memories. How ’bout dat?

Moments that are special… to you, PRINT THEM! Get them printed, on wall art like a canvas… Just remember when you hold something tangible in your palms, it just has so so much more meaning to it.

photography takes an instant


Ready to order your own special, professionally designed and printed canvas?

Lucky for you, Mpix is offering 25% off your next order simply by using SENTIMENTALMAMA  as the discount code good through the end of February! Head over to their website >>>

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What are some ways that you have decorated with a canvas? Comment below! Would love to see your links to any images you have too!



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