Watch out Bre.’s a “blogger”

I admit it… I’ve tried this whole “blogging” thing before yet it never really works out… Status updates on Facebook are just so much easier. Perhaps that’s just my stupidity because I’ve fallen prey to the notion that “blogging” was difficult to do… Well I’m trying it out yet again. Hopefully this sticks around…

I guess in the very first post I should describe my blog title…

My addiction. It’s that simple. The scent of cashmere puts me at ease… Calms me… Makes me feel… Ahhh….

Please don’t contact the Interventionist. It’s not that serious… yet.

I stumbled upon cashmere in the bath section of Target. Yes, I still remember the day I took my first WOOF of the Cashmere Luxury Caress Bodywash (…and NO this is not an ad:)

Too put it quite bluntly… I wanted to hump the leg of the maker of that Caress bodywash on isle 7… And at that moment… I didn’t even care if the maker was female.

I don’t know I have a thing with scents and smells you would think I would have created my own perfume already… (makes mental note to contact a perfumist). So there I was at Target and I never knew a $4 bottle of shower wash could make a girl so happy. And well… _____.

My Cashmere bliss… Heaven in a little bottle. After that I constantly searched for other products here and there that picked up on Big Bee’s idea of one friggin’ fantastic scent. …sigh…

———> For those that don’t know where Cashmere comes from heres the low down.<———

<insert goat here> heehee

Thats one sexy Cashmere Goat. And thank heavens for this little guy. He provides Bee with so much…. smelly goodness. And sexiness for that matter… I mean look what else this little guy provided me with:

If that ain’t sexy… Well she could use a little more meat on her bones but that’s for a future blog post… Holla!

And last but definitely not least… Some of my favorite Cashmere smelling things:

The product that began my addiction.

The last time I smelled great fantastic legs was at El Pollo Loco!

The latest addiction to my Cashmere spazz…


So why name my blog about Cashmere?  Eh… Who really cares? But I love it 🙂

…Love Peace & Chicken Grease…

Bre. Geiger