Finding Your “Niche”

Most new photographers come to me and lay out that they LOVE to take pictures – its their passion… And take pictures of EVERYTHING! And this is great news! However,…

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  Stuck in a rut? Think your spinning wheels? Trying to hunt for clients but are unsuccessful? Wondering why other photographers are having better luck than you? Answers to these…

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Baby Oil – Your {New} Shaving BFF

Daily Pinterest Obsessions – 7.31.12

Smokey Eye + Messy Hair = Two Thumbs Up! How to create dual colored hot pink lips = Definitely worth a try! Metallic sheen eye shadow = Totally.

A few tidbits.

Ctrl, Alt, Delete.

…Goodbye 2010…

And hello 2011! The year before the end of the world! haha While jammin’ in my car this past weekend… I reflected over this past year and I was thinking……

First Snowfall!

My First CASA Case!